Monday, October 10, 2016


"You want other teams to see what they missed." 
--Brian Cashman

Well Cashman, I would have to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. We already knew you had your best poker face on at the trade deadline. Now that the post season is here, other teams and even the non-believers know that you did win. Okay, so it isn't the World Series trophy but I suppose this is as good as a consolation prize can be for us.

(In Photo: Jason Kipnis)

The Yankees may not be playing but I am still watching the post season. I am loving every second of the Cleveland Indians stomp all over the Red Sox right now. Sure, I know not to get confident yet. I know the Red Sox are fighters and they will fight to get David Ortiz that last ring but I would be lying if I said I hoped it didn't happen.

(In Photo: Kris Bryant)

And what about those Chicago Cubs? Up until last year this team has been horrible! It was normal and expected. Now all of the sudden Theo Epstein is in the picture and suddenly the Cubs fans are "Flying the W" all of the time! I can't help but root for the Cubs fans out there. Maybe the San Francisco Giants are finally going to lose that lucky even numbered year winning streak thing they've had going on now for awhile....we'll see.

And as good as these teams were already....they both have one important addition that made them even better thanks to genius Cashman. Andrew Miller is now fighting for a ring in Cleveland and Aroldis Chapman took what was already a dominant first half with the Yankees and somehow turned into a more dominant superhero closer. It's nice to see the Yankees old bullpen still kicking some ass in October!

It once again all goes back to Cashman. We have already said that he was a genius but I am convinced now more than ever. He definitely has those other teams taking notes and feeling left out. It really is a win-win for both teams. We have a promising future, and they have some of the best arms in baseball and a chance at a ring.

So, while those other teams are enjoying their new arms I can just picture Cashman sitting in his office right now. He has a glass of whiskey, his feet up on his desk jamming out to this song....because it is true! I have a feeling we will have that next World Series ring sooner rather than later so bump this one loud and proud, Cashman!

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer & Editor
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