Monday, September 5, 2016


All season long the Brian McCann trade rumors have been buzzing. Now that the waiver trade deadline has officially come to a close it looks like McCann will be in a Yankees uniform for the rest of the season but what about next season?

Once the off season comes the rumors will be in full swing again. Should the Yankees keep him? Maybe he still fits in the Yankees new rebuilding phase but in a new role? If not....who would take him? Would he reunite with the Atlanta Braves in their new stadium?

The Yankees will have a tough decision to make. Do they keep him for hiss left handed bat and perhaps use him as a part-time catcher? The Yankees could use Gary Sanchez as their full time catcher while still keeping a valuable left handed bat in the lineup. Maybe he could DH or play first base when needed. Or, do the Yankees let him go and let Austin Romine keep a job with the team? It may come down to what Atlanta is willing to spend.

It is rumored that the Braves are willing to pay half of McCann's salary to bring him home, but the Yankees want to continue building the farm system. The Braves are also in a big rebuilding mode and have been rebuilding their farm system for awhile now. They are willing to send a prospect or two but not significant players which brought us to stalled out trade talks.

I can't say that I blame the Braves. They have struggled for the last several years and haven't had a record over .500 since 2013 so their goal is much like ours. The Braves are not desperate to get their former catcher back especially with some decent catchers that will be available in the off season that interest them like Jason Castro, Wilson Ramos and Georgia Tech product Matt Wieters. This off season is rather lack luster over all but catchers will be one intriguing option to keep tabs on.

The Braves have a lot of options to help them re-brand the team and move into their new stadium, so the Yankees are just one of many. The question is do the Yankees send him back to Georgia or do they keep his bat? The off season is going to be interesting. Do the Yankees hold one to one last veteran or do they continue to get younger and cut some money? It's a tough call that I am glad I don't have to make.

What would you do? Comment and let us know.

 --Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer & Editor
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