Thursday, September 15, 2016


Recognize the guy in the inset photo next to Billy Butler? More on that in a moment...

Bleeding Yankee Blue got a great comment from a BYB reader and Yankee fan that showed up in the dead of night. I love those...

We wrote about the recent acquisition of Billy Butler last night in THE YANKEES JUST SIGNED BILLY BUTLER.  We explained that his pop has slowed down a bit since he's been in Oakland and I suggested that maybe with a change of scenery, and Butler about to face a bunch of lefty pitchers (he being a righty), maybe will find some life in the Bronx.

That's when I was reminded by whitehorse67 about another guy who once came from Oakland, and then came to New York and became the 1998 World Series MVP. His name was Scott Brosius:

Now all players are different. But I'd be lying if I told you I didn't grin at that comment. Kind of makes me happy to think about. It's true. When Brosius came to New York, he batted just .203 in Oakland the year before.

No one thought having him on our club was a good situation. In fact, it looked like the Yankees were plugging defensive holes.

But what came next was incredible. Scotty Bro developed into an important part of the Yankees historic run and it was wonderful to see him prove the doubters wrong... me included.

No one knows what Billy Butler will do in New York and he's quite different from Scott Brosius. But if you're crossing your fingers for success for Butler in the Bronx... it is true, you can click back to Scotty.  Maybe it's the same type deal... or maybe it's just a role of the dice. Whatever the case, I welcome Mr. Butler to the Bronx.

Thanks for commenting whitehorse67. Thanks for the memories.

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