Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Big news tonight in Yankeeland. The Yanks just signed Billy Butler. According to several reports, and we'll use Jon Heyman on this one:
Now, this season hasn't be great for Billy, and that's according to my 14 year old son.  Here's his line:
In 221 at bats he's batting .276 with only 4 home runs and 31 RBIs. 

The Yankees need some pop, and I wonder if a change of scenery, from Oakland to New York can help that.  Now for alittle story about Mr. Butler and those wonderful KC fans.

A while back we blasted Butler for the way he and the city of KC treated Robinson Cano at the All Star Game in Kansas City. Read WARNING TO BILLY BUTLER, YANKEE FANS NEVER FORGET. The bottom line is we were having some fun with Butler and the fans.  They didn't like that.

The reality is it probably wasn't a big deal, but we threw that charged headline and article out there and I was immediately attacked all over Kansas City and the web.  Rightly so... I attacked their Golden boy.  After all, back in 2012, Billy Butler WAS KC, and I knew it. I was merely poking the bear.

Well now, it appears Butler is in pinstripes and it's exciting. I do wonder though if fans will remember that Home Run Derby-Cano-Butler-Booing stuff from a while back.  Who knows... who really cares... the whole thing was ridiculous anyway.

Look, I'm looking forward to seeing how Butler will do in the Bronx.  According to Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports we'll kind of need his righty bat right away:

And now I reach out to my fellow #BYBHub mate, Jen Rainwater, the writer of the blog Bullpen, Baseball & Sock Talk, a site that concentrated primarily on the Oakland A's, but does all of baseball...

Hey Jen... Butler's been in Oakland for a bit now. Did the Yankees make the right move signing Butler?  

Let us know here on BYB! We and our fans are curious.

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