Thursday, July 12, 2012


Do you really think Yankee fans will forget that ridiculous spectacle Kansas City fans pulled at Kauffman stadium the past few days? Do you really think it’s over between us and the Kansas City fans who showed no class in front of millions on a nationally televised game? It’s a shame, but let's face it... Yankee fans don’t forget and now it will all fall down on Billy Butler. I’m not sure the KC fans thought it through when they booed Robinson Cano and his family during a charity event like the home run derby, but when Billy Butler walks into the Bronx next season, the Kansas City fans will be kicking themselves wishing they kept their mouths shut.Why?

Because Yankee fans, while classy, also protect their guys and while the Royals won't be back to the Bronx this season...they will be back and we'll remember what they did to Robinson Cano.

Look, over my lifetime, I’ve seen pretty nasty fans. Sure, when I go to Fenway park, I get my share of razzing, but I have to say, I’ve had handshakes and intelligent discussions with plenty of Red Sox fans at their park and a lot of the fans face to face are pretty nice people. They just want to see a game like me. But yeah, there are a handful of A-holes everywhere. I’ve seen fights in front of my face, I’ve witnessed Rangers fans razzing Yankee fans to the point of fist fights…at Yankee stadium mind you. I like a good game and I like razzing and I have no problem getting it back as well, as long as it never gets personal. My take is, when fans let it linger like they did with Cano, that's when I have a problem.

Robinson Cano is our young superstar, he does amazing charity work, he plays hard, he is a New York Yankee and stands tall representing. Yankee fans love him. It didn’t matter he didn’t hit a home run…sure we wanted him too, but the point was he was representing the Yankees at the All-Star game. That’s an honor and it’s a "thank you" to the fans that voted. That's why he was there.

Truth be told, I like Billy Butler. I even voted for him this year. I don’t hate him and most Yankee fans don’t. But it’s over for Billy Butler in the Bronx and he can thank the Kansas City fans for that. They could have and should have razzed Cano for not “picking” Butler for the Home run derby. I have no problem with that. But then, it’s over. The piling on was utterly ridiculous and probably as immature as anything I’ve ever seen fans do. It was pathetic 2 days in.

So message to Billy Butler. You’re a great ballplayer, but now you have to take your lumps for something you didn’t even do. You can thank the Kansas City fans for that…no doubt you’re going to get razzed until you can’t deal. I hope you like pressure in the Bronx, because there’s nothing more nerve racking than 50,000 plus Yankee fans booing you in the Bronx and it’s all because of your Kansas City fans. It's sad really. So, apologies in advance big guy…bring ear plugs next season, because, Yankee fans will store that moment in our memory back until the next time the Royals are in New York... That, I guarantee.

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