Friday, August 5, 2016


I'm not gonna lie. I felt bad watching Mark Teixeira get emotional today at his press conference.  I'm definitely not a hater, but I just didn't ever feel anything about Mark in pinstripes. That being said, he loved being in New York and that was evident, and he loved being in baseball for as long as he was. I get it. When you hang it up, it's gotta be hard.

Here are some quotes from Marky:

"I gave you everything I had...It wasn't always enough."  That quote was clearly directed at BYB Features writer Mike O'Hara who hasn't been too kind to Mark's abilities.  Mainly because of injury.  OK... maybe he was talking to me too.

"I got to live out my dream and had more success than I could ever imagined, but it felt like it was the right time to step away from the game... my body can't do it anymore.”  Fair enough, and he did the right thing trying to finish out his contract.  He's obligated too, even though he hasn't been very good.

Anyway, A lot of reaction from around the social networks and I wanted to share some of it:

Billy writes: "Seems like a great guy, one of the best fielding 1st basemen, but you never know what you're getting with the bat, a .260 season, or a .210 season. Sure he has had some key hits and great days, but not too many lately. Looking forward to Bird taking over!! Thanks for the years Tex!!"

Orlando writes: "I never had an issue with him. I just wished he didn't get injured so often. What a team it would have been if he was healthy."

Dan Lucia, BYB writer wrote:  "I always liked Tex. It was just a shame he became so frail over the past 4-5 years causing his numbers to decline drastically. Nothing bad to say about him from me."

Lucy wrote: "Great first baseman but unfortunately it's time to retire! Retiring a Yankee is an honor and it was an honor to have had Tex wearing the pinstripe pride!"

Erica Morales, BYB writer wrote: "You were fantastic, Tex! Simply Fantastic."

Yup... those are some of the nicer ones.  Here's the less classy ones:

Charlie wrote: "If the asshole was healthy, he wouldn't be crying like a bitch"

Evan wrote: " Don't forget the 137 injuries and .198 current batting average."

Chris wrote: "If you think he's the best player of all time your an idiot!! Or I want what your smoking."

Now here's the thing. If you look around the social networks, especially on Facebook... for the most part folks loved Mark Teixeira.  I keep reading that he was "one of the best", and a "Class act" and "Awesome hitter", and some of that is true... I just personally didn't see it.

Whatever the case, I wish Mark Teixeira well.  He did some good things, but for me, he didn't play as much as everyone wanted because of injury, and for me, that sucks the most.  I often imagine what Tex could have done if he was healthy for the majority of his Yankee career... he just wasn't.  Sad.

Good luck Mark.  Good luck.

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