Monday, July 18, 2016


Major nuggets in Yankeeland involving 4 major players on the Yankee roster.  Alot of info to digest here... check it out:

CC Sabathia:  Ken Rosenthal of FOX Sports writes:

"Sabathia is in the middle of his own bad stretch, and the Yankees probably would love to escape his $25 million option, which will vest barring a sudden shoulder injury. But Sabathia's ERA through June 16 was 2.20. No sense giving him away, either -- and due to his service time, he has the right to block any trade."

Rosenthal has stated a few times that the Yankees are listening to offers of a ton of players, and CC is definitely one of them.  Not sure it will happen, but it is interesting. Although, one would think that time served for CC gets him to at least maybe end his season as a Yankee.

Carlos Beltran: Rumor has it the Blue Jays may be in on Beltran. Jim Bowden of ESPN reported, and writes:

"According to Jim Bowden of ESPN, the Toronto Blue Jays are interested in trading for Yankees' right fielder Carlos Beltran. Writes Bowden: 

Toronto Blue Jays have had internal discussions about possible interest in acquiring Carlos Beltran if the Yankees decided to move him at the trade deadline according to a club source. 

...Beltran, 39, can block trades to 15 teams, though it's unknown if Toronto is on that list."

Andrew Miller: The rumor about Miller to the Rangers is starting to gain some traction.  We reported in WARNING: BE CAREFUL OF BOLOGNA RUMORS to be weary when it's a single source and no followup.  Now it appears there's movement. Jeff Wilson from the Fort Worth Star Telegram writes:

Nathan Eovaldi: A lot of chatter connecting Nate to the Pirates.   The New York Daily News writes:

"The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported Saturday that the Pirates have talked with the Yankees about potentially acquiring the 26-year-old right-hander, who after a brief spell in the bullpen is set to rejoin the Yankees’ rotation on Tuesday against Baltimore.

'I’d like to stay here,' Eovaldi said. 'I came here with this team. I feel like we have a great group of guys. I feel like we’ve got a great chance of coming back and turning it around. I feel like our best baseball is still in front of us. I started out with this team and I want to finish with the Yankees. If anything happens, it happens.' Eovaldi said he wasn’t previously aware of the report."

There you have it for now.

I feel deflated and depressed. I hate to see what has happened to my team.

Stay tuned...

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