Thursday, July 14, 2016


The click machine is in full effect, and ESPN is behind it...usually always.  What else is new, right?  I love the rumor season, but the bottom line is I'm smart enough to cut through the bullshit and not draw conclusions based on empty rumors.  Bleeding Yankee Blue are not a bunch of Baseball Insiders... whatever that title means.  If we ever hear a nugget from us, we will provide it to you, our readers, with a word of caution.  We are responsible.  These "Baseball Insiders" like to drop a bomb and walk away and watch the average baseball reader spread it for them... and that's how the rumor season was built.  Do NOT fall for the B.S.   Luckily for the Bleeding Yankee Blue audience, you guys are damn smart.  Which is why I wanted to just throw this stuff out at you and give you my opinion.  This nugget came out about the Yankees and the Indians brought to you by, you guessed it, Buster Olney:
Now that was expanded on by

"The team the Yankees just beat three out of four games before the All-Star break is now considered a sleeper for the services of New York's top commodities on the open market. Earlier this season, the idea of a Yankees-Indians deal wasn't hard to imagine—but that was when Cleveland was seemingly in dire need of a bat like, say, Carlos Beltran.

Now? The AL Central leaders have a different area of need. Heading into the second half, Indians relief pitchers rank ninth in MLB with a 3.55 ERA, but that number is deceiving. Closer Cody Allen is the only member of manager Terry Francona's bullpen that owns a K/9 rate of 10.0 or better across double-digit appearances. In October it's vital to miss bats, and the Indians simply don't do it enough. Miller (15.8) or Chapman (13.5) would be a huge upgrade.

With the motive and need there, it would likely come down to Cleveland's prospects vs. the other suitors."

Just so you know, there is no other source to this story, and my opinion is, while the Indians may be a "sleeper", think about the wording here... WOULDN'T ANY TEAM BE THE SLEEPER? Seriously.

And let's go further. With that report, they mention it coming down to "Cleveland's prospects". Now, to be honest, it doesn't take ANY media person to tell smart baseball fans that. The way the Yankees look, OLD and tired, OF COURSE the Yankees would be looking at prospects.  STOP.

It's only July 14th for crying out loud.  Just this morning there was report that Andrew Miller was traded to the Texas Rangers:
That was reported by several sources because no one bothered double checking it. I just chose this outlet above because the woman on the beach looks delightful.  But the point is, one of our BYB readers asked me if it was true:
Of course, it wasn't.

Look. You guys know the drill. You're all mad smart when it comes to the rumor season.  Word of caution... if you see a rumor, check it out.  Don't just start retweeting something and reporting it as fact.  Bottom line, no one knows anything... that goes for "baseball insiders" too.

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