Thursday, July 14, 2016


I love baseball and I love the New York Yankees. What I don’t love is a boring, over the hill team that is just not fun to watch. The Stadium buzz seems to be missing, the fans buzz is more like a buzzkill lately and the Yankees don't appear to be a real threat to make any kind of run this season or next with the current roster.  Brian Cashman and Hal Steinbrenner need to sit down and have a long, hard talk and figure out how to make the Yankees fun again.

A friend of mine, Jeff, is on #TEAMSELL as he puts it. Who can really blame the guy? Along with myself, he thinks that it is just not an exciting team to watch.  Besides Rob Refsnyder, Didi Gregorius and his great first half, and the big three in the ‘pen, there isn’t a lot to get excited about.

Sure Carlos Beltran had his All-Star caliber year so far and was rightfully selected to the mid-summer classic, but he is not a piece of the puzzle for the future. Neither is CC Sabathia. They are earning their money this year and helping the team win every other game, which is great, but the team and the fans need more than that.

What we don’t need is more Mark Teixeira and more Alex Rodriguez. I think that's over. What we do need is more cowbell? Everyone could use more cowbell! OK... I'm getting alittle silly...

Look, following the trade deadline in 2015 Luis Severino and Greg Bird were called up and although the Yankees faltered down the stretch and limped into the Wild Card game, those two youngsters created a little buzz and got us fans a little more giddy for the future.

We are now at the All-Star break with the trade deadline approaching.  And I'm going to say something; I’m all for selling and stocking up on high quality prospects this summer. That being said, I believe the more the Yankees win, the more Hal and the brass will try and justify going for it this fall. 

What I would love to see happen, and I’m positive...and I’m not the only one here, is a fun bidding war happen for Chapman and Miller.  I'm serious! If multiple teams get desperate, the haul could be jaw dropping.

That could make this a legit Christmas in July for us Yankees fans!

What longtime fans really want to see is a team that is watchable!  A team that has some energy and some life. Some young players coming up to prove themselves and create a buzz like Severino and Bird did last year, even as the Yankees struggled.

Somehow or another it must happen!  For the sake of the organization and the sanity of us fans...hey, we deserve that! 

How do you like this hashtag:   #MaketheYankeesFunAgain

--Dan Lucia, BYB Senior Writer
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