Friday, July 22, 2016


Who the hell knows if the White Sox will ever let a team pry Chris Sale away from them, but I did read that they are willing to listen to offers.  Now, Chris Sale is having a very good season (14-3, 3.18 ERA), so the return would most likely be massive if the Chisox are willing to give him up. I can't imagine what they'd want from the New York Yankees for instance. Anyway... according to the Dallas Morning News, the Rangers appear to be all over that Sale action:

"The Rangers' struggles have made them more desperate for starting pitching. The White Sox's struggles have all but knocked them out of the AL wild card race. Because of that, the two teams appear to be circling one another and doing due diligence. Of particular interest to the Rangers: ace lefty Chris Sale and perhaps, more realistically, lefty Jose Quintana."

Now I'm not looking to trick you here. The Yankees are not a team that is connected with the Sox for Sale, but they should be... and that's my point to all of this.  The only reason I bring this up is two fold.  For 1, I just wrote that the Yankees should seriously consider being buyer's in this market with their recent winning ways.  (Read  YANKS AIN'T TRADING NO ONE IF THEY KEEP WINNING! for more.) 

Couple that with that same report from the Dallas Morning News suggesting that 2 teams are in on Sale and my thinking is always, "Cashman is secretly making a deal"... and of course, the Rangers are there.

Look... it's the rumor season.  And we're knee deep in it as the trade deadline is coming fast and furious. Think about Sale on the Yanks... who would we give up?  Interesting, right?

Anyway... Stay tuned.

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