Friday, July 22, 2016


And my grammar is horrible right now.  That's what 4 Margarita's after a long week will do to me.

It's probably dangerous for me to even write this. For the record, that's a stock photo above... I do not own a cactus.


Sure, the Giants were on a losing streak going into this game, but the Yankees have been winning lately too and tonight they almost lost... until they didn't.  Chapman came in and helped get the Yankees win and his #20th Save.  Do you know how fast the last pitch of the game to Brandon Belt was on the gun when he struck Belt out?  98 mph? 105 mph? Nope and nope. 

103.  Yeah... that's it.  Why do you need to know? No idea... I'm drunk.

But here's the point of all of this.  If the Yankees keep winning... it's gonna make it pretty difficult to part with these players...guys like Andrew Miller, or even Ivan Nova or Michael Pineda, because what will end up happening is, they'll be teetering on being competitive... competitive enough to get to the playoffs and compete with the guys they have.  That will bring the Yankees into a buyer's market... and that my friends will be the biggest discussion this weekend if the Yanks can keep beating the Giants who are in "Loserville" right now.

Losing can be addictive and if a guy like Brandon Crawford commits 3 errors like he did tonight... you gotta wonder what's going on inside these Giants heads right about now. Plus... good for the Yankees to capitalize on it.

Anyway, my point is... winning can turn around the Yankees season.  Sellers? Not if they're winning!  That's all I'm saying.

Final: Yankees 3 - Giants 2

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