Friday, June 3, 2016


I don't feel bad for Joe Girardi.  He's the manager of the New York Yankees.  His job is to lead them.  ESPN had a great depiction of a defensive Joe Girardi discussing the Yankees and their lousy start to a lousy season and it portrayed him as desperate, aggravated, and sad.  I want to give you a portion of that:

"Speaking to reporters before the Yankees played a game originally set for April 10 that was called off for snow, Girardi shot back at media when pressed about lineup changes.

'Who do you want me to lead off? Tell me,' Girardi asked, according to reports. 'You guys have these questions, but you want me to lead Tex (Mark Teixeira) off? You want me to lead Alex [Rodriguez] off? Want me to lead Carlos [Beltran] off?... So, now what? I'm listening,' Girardi said. 'Everyone's got all these ideas. I'm listening, but when you've got six guys in your lineup struggling, maybe I can ask if we can just hit 1-2-3.'"

You know what? Shut up Joe.

Think about this; What if I just disappeared after almost 6 years here at BYB and my writers did whatever the hell they wanted, were careless about their pieces, offered many, MANY profanities in them, posted pictures of the wrong players they were writing about. What if we didn't even credit publications we took nuggets from? What if we just stole stories for ourselves.  WHO THE HELL WOULD YOU BLAME? You'd blame me, because I'm the freaking boss... and guess what? So is Joe when it comes to the New York Yankees.

The Yankees need the run of a lifetime right now and what they DON'T need is a manager throwing his God Damn team under the bus because they can't play.

Slumps happen, this is true, and we're in a major one, but the reality is, mixing up the lineup, doing things that appear drastic actually could help a club.  Where's Jorge Posada or Andy Pettitte? Bring them in and have a power talk!  Make a point, put Ronald Torreyes as your lead off guy.  SHAKE IT THE HELL UP!

It's become eerie in Yankeeland... almost like the Yankees heart died the day Yogi Berra died. Something needs to be done and leadership is the cure.

Where are your balls, Joe? Light a fire under this Yankee team's ass... LET'S GO!

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