Friday, May 20, 2016


Oh yeah, and the Yankees won too. Sounds like a perfect night!

Look, it was pointed out to me by a BYB reader and Yankee fan Travis that BYB is all about doom and gloom lately:

Now he's right to an extent. I mean, the reality is, BYB was built on passion and emotion and adrenaline and if the Yankees are stinking up the joint, my writers are going to tell you.  If there's a positive nugget out there, we'll let you know that too.  Lately though, all of my writers, me included are not happy with this team.  And guess what... that happens.  We will not change our opinion of our team if we don't "feel" it.  Most of our readers know and understand that.

Now, the Yankees won last night, and because of that, many of us are happy this morning.  I like the win, but I'm not getting too excited yet.  Last place is a crappy place to be, and I want to see moves being made to get out of the cellar.

The Yanks beat the A's 4-1. There was some life from Ivan Nova who went 6 innings, gave up 4 hits and only 1 run.  Our pen held the A's. Chapman got save number 5 .

Brett Gardner, Carlos Beltran and Chase Headley each had 2 hits.  That's significant. Beltran doubled and homered.  Aaron Hicks doubled in a run as well.

And so,  with that win, it was Sunshine and Rainbows... and this cute puppy.

Oh yeah, and this.  Our friends over at Section 36 did what I suggested they do... make merchandise promoting their website....
And those are your boobs.

Glad to know I was apart of that in some way. Atta boy.

Section 36 and a ton of other terrific baseball blogs are on the BYB Hub. Click and read.

Enjoy your Friday.  Hey Travis... just giving you jazz. Enjoy it.

Final: Yankees 4 - Athletics 1

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