Monday, May 9, 2016


When you get the flu, it's horrible. I was shut down for a while and when I say shut down, I had a ton of text messages I didn't even check until this morning. Plus, the Yankees won Saturday, lost last night, but I didn't even know about it until this morning.  I was in a coma of fever and I don't think the TV changed off HBO since about an hour ago. I saw bits and pieces of Jurassic World and at one point I zoned in and out on the Godfather I,II & III.

I realized that I probably most identify with Sonny... pigheaded and hotheaded, but understands the patience of Michael.  I drank a ton of fluids, slept a lot and missed Mother's Day.  I know... I'm a terrible son.  I gotta tell ya, I was delirious.  No joke.  Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow.  It's painful to even write this right now. My bones ache.

Here are some things happening around Yankeeland and beyond that I want to put out there for all of you.

CC Sabathia hit the DL, and yes, we at BYB did a news report on that last night.  Read CC HITS THE DL. CC believes he'll be back soon. Girardi speculates he won't be. What else is new.

Tim Lincecum pitched in his showcase the other day and looked real sharp apparently.  ESPN writes "Lincecum threw 41 pitches Friday at the spring training home of the only team he has ever played for, the San Francisco Giants. Lincecum took the mound in front of about three dozen scouts representing nearly every major league club."

The Giants are apparently NOT one of the clubs interested in Lincecum. But that comes from one source, so don't quote us.

 BYB is not selling out merchandise.  Let me rephrase... we ARE selling it, and it's cheap and no one's buying it, which only means one thing from a marketing standpoint. When the Yankees suck, the fan base does not rally.  Bottom line.

Please take a look at what have to offer and spend a few bucks to support what we do here at BYB.  You can CLICK HERE to buy.  In all the years of selling apparel at BYB, this is the first year we virtually have sold nearly nothing.  We're more than Yankees here folks... we're about baseball and life and we volunteer here every single day.  Take a minute and see what we have. We'd appreciate it.

And finally, I couldn't believe that Bartolo Colon's first home run came only this past weekend.  More importantly, while I really like Colon, I was always disappointed in Big Sexy and his dabbling in PEDs.  It's clear to me that many fans just don't care, as long as the suspension is completed, the player can move on and do things in the game and they are applauded.  I guess it's just the world we live in now.  Whatever.  The Colon "first career homer" was pretty fun to see. I saw it for the first time this morning.  Quite enjoyable.

Those are some nuggets while I was in a stupor, and I hope to be back at at least 85% tomorrow.  It was a tough road.  I didn't even have the strength to let my writers know what was going on.  That's on me, but the bottom line, I was delirious.

And finally.... to my mother.  I owe you a Mother's Day and so, we will have one at my house this month and we'll make it extra special.  Promise!

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