Thursday, January 14, 2016


Aroldis Chapman had some alleged domestic problems.  Not only is it documented, it's been investigated by legal authorities as well as MLB. In fact, the Dodgers were turned off enough to not go through with a deal for Chapman before the Yankees did.  In a nutshell, what happened or didn't happen is being looked at closely.  At this very moment, none of us were there and no one.... NOT A SINGLE PERSON but Chapman and his girlfriend know what truly happened.  That's why there's an investigation.  That's why what I'm about to tell you is not only spineless, but foolish.

This is Calvin M's comment to a post that one of my female writers wrote today on BYB.  It was published this morning. It was titled THE YANKEES & SECOND CHANCES.

Calvin M wrote:

"'What he did was inexcusable.' Really? From all the evidence what happened was he and his girlfriend got in an argument and she got pissed and called the cops who came to (his) home and didn't believe her story about him grabbing her BECAUSE THERE WAS NO EVIDENCE OF PHYSICAL CONTACT. The photos she took of herself show no bruising or red marks but they do look like she was drunk or stoned. This sounds like the story of some bimbo who gets drunk, starts an argument and then lies to the cops to try to get him in trouble, at least that's the way the cops saw it or they would have arrested him in a heartbeat. I'll bet when she sobered up and realized that she could no longer suck off of his money and fame she was apologizing like a politician caught smoking crack. And if he fired off a few rounds in his garage, so what? You have heard about the second amendment haven't you? Apparently it was not against the law or the cops would have arrested him. I am tired of hearing Feminazis and their male apologists dump on this guy."  

Opinions are fine. Name calling and going after my writer with name calling is NOT.

Here's the thing that everyone needs to understand.  Women are allowed to have hard opinions on a topic like this, because let's face facts... there are more incidents of domestic abuse against women then men.  This stat is telling: 1 in 4 women (24.3%) and 1 in 7 men (13.8%) aged 18 and older in the United States have been the victim of severe physical violence by an intimate partner in their lifetime. That's just one, there are more, but my point is women get the brunt of it. 

So, and this is my point... if a female writer of mine wants to characterize a player's ALLEGED actions as 'INEXCUSABLE', that stands as founder of BYB. That's because it's her opinion.

Again, I have no problem with folks commenting on BYB. In fact, I encourage it. But do me a favor, I beg you... don't go spewing facts and information that we've already written about here on BYB just to make a point we've already made here as well.  We've talked about this incident being alleged numerous times. Some of my writers call Chapman a Mutt.  Their opinion. Other's like myself see the evidence for what it is and are waiting to see what happens.  Others welcome Chapman because his personal life is personal.  WE HAVE SEVERAL DIFFERENT OPINIONS ABOUT AROLDIS CHAPMAN HERE at BYB.  We have several writers.  Every one of us have a different thought about Chapman, but in the end, none of us, and not even you Calvin M, truly know what took place.  We all read the same evidence list.  We all read the same stuff... WE'RE ALL WAITING TO SEE WHAT MLB IS GOING TO DO.

Don't you ever call one of my female writers a derogatory name. EVER. It makes you look just as bad, and it makes you look uneducated and pathetic.  I appreciate intelligent dialog, but I will not accept that type of name calling.

It's low and makes you look low rent.  Check yourself, Champ.

I'm giving you a chance to apologize Calvin. I suggest you take it.

Be Read. Get Known.

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