Thursday, December 24, 2015


OK, maybe not yet but it could happen. It's more of the same coming out of the rumor mill lately do there is nothing new to report but Wei-Yin Chen is a nice lefty option that many teams would surely like to have in their rotation. He's still floating around out there unclaimed, for how much longer? Who knows, but the longer he sits out there the more teams are going to try and pounce. He could be in pinstripes soon, and I am on board with that.

There is upside to signing Chen as well as some down side. Either way though, the Yankees would be crazy not to make a run at this guy. We are in need of a reliable left handed starter. I love CC Sabathia and will always support him but we need another lefty in the rotation. David Price was the big target, and because of that I think Chen may have been overlooked until recently. He has experience in the AL East and let's face it his 3.72ERA would be a nice addition to the team. He was also durable last season and started in 31 games. We could use someone who shows up to pitch every fifth day and gives us some results.

So what is the draw back? Well, he is going to cost the Yankees a first round draft pick if they sign him because Baltimore did offer him a qualifying offer. Normally I would cringe at this, but we need a lefty. If the Yankees want to be competitive for the next few seasons, they are going to need another lefty to break up the rotation and he would give the team some more depth.

If you are like me and don't care about the first round pick at this point, then there is one other thing to consider here. Chen is on several teams Christmas wish list, so because of that he is going to command a lengthier contract. Historically, the Yankees do not like to give long term contracts to pitchers over 30, but in this case if they want him they will have to pay market value, which right now would be five or six years. It's more than the Yankees would want to spend right now (which isn't hard because they haven't spent at all in a while) but it would benefit the team in the long run.

This isn't new here at BYB, we have already been sold on the idea of Chen in pinstripes, read WEI-YIN CHEN TO THE YANKEES? I BELIEVE THAT ONE. One month later and we are still sold on the idea. With so much uncertainty in the current rotation it is always nice to have a little insurance. I miss the days of having a good lefty combination. Remember back in 2009 when Andy Pettitte and CC Sabathia were in the rotation....and they were good? I miss days like that. Not to compare Chen with Pettitte or anyone else, but the Yankees need that dependability again.

Will it happen? I don't know. The Yankees have become cheap and honestly, sometimes I want to yell at Yankee brass and give them some of our perspective. Chen has some serious upside, and it could be the perfect match. The rotation needs an upgrade, and Chen is a gamble....but either way, doing nothing and letting him walk could be the riskier move to make. Hopefully, the Yankees deliver and send us Chen under our Christmas trees. I definitely wouldn't mind that for a gift!


--Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ 


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