Saturday, November 14, 2015


The whole Rumor Mill is obnoxious to us here at Bleeding Yankee Blue. Sure, we play the game like the rest of them, but we rarely do the whole "we know a source who said..." and "This guy's coming to the Yankees because so-and-so told me".  Here's the bottom line, it's all BS.  On that note, be sure to read Howard Cole's piece in Forbes magazine about the same topic that we've been preaching here on BYB for years. It's well done. Cole writes in his piece 90% Of MLB Trade Rumors Are BS:

"...we in the media are no longer in a race to be first with the story. We’re in a race to be first with a rumor, which isn’t a story. Player agents and club executives have agendas. They benefit by having the names of their players out there for all kinds of reasons, both relatively sinister and mostly innocent. A gullible writer serves a purpose."

Now Jon Heyman and Buster Olney can get angry that they've been exposed all they want. The truth is that short paragraph speaks volumes. And yes, that leads me to the info or "rumor" about the Yankees and Wei-Yin Chen...

According to the Daily News: "In an ideal world, the Yankees would love to add a lefthanded starting pitcher that has had success in the American League. Yes, David Price fits that description, but there’s a lesser-known name on the free-agent market that also fits the bill: Wei-Yin Chen.

According to a source, the Yankees could make a serious run at Chen, who has pitched for the Orioles the past four seasons. The 30-year-old is 46-32 with a 3.72 ERA since coming to the majors, including an 11-8 record and 3.34 ERA in 31 starts last season.

'A lot of teams are going to be in on him,' the source said. 'But the Yankees are going to be one of them.'”

Sure, more of the same, right? Yes it is.  Here's the thing though... look at Chen from afar, and knowing the the Yankees really don't have a dependable lefty, AND that David Price's price tag will be super high,  the Yankees pursuing Chen is actually something I can get on board with. It's also not too far fetched, and I chose it wisely when we put this piece together this morning.  In other words... it's not unrealistic.

Will it happen? I don't know. But if you know anything about BYB by now, you know that we don't try and be like the others. We're not Buster Olney floating names for clicks, we're being honest here.  No we're not in the Rumor Mill... we're just outside it, looking in and trying to pick apart the ones that actually are realistic and the ones that are not.

We'll never lie to you here. We will pose questions and try and make smart suggestions as to why we like players and want them or don't. But we're never gonna act like we know something you don't.

(In photo: Howard Cole. Founder of the IBWAA)
Trust me... even the baseball insiders don't know... that's because Howard Cole is actually right... 90% of MLB Trade Rumors are BS.


By the way, we'll have more from BYB 'Features' writer Mike O'Hara speaking about this same thing tomorrow when he writes about the Yankees and Robinson Cano.  Look for it.

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