Saturday, December 19, 2015


Thank God I have good friends in the industry that can help me out with stories from time to time.  I’m no trade rumor guru like Jon Heyman thinks he is… he hates me by the way.  I’m more of a regular guy with normal and interesting stories… and yes, I have a source here and there, but I never overplay my hand.  That’s a fact.

That being said, now that the Brendan Ryan move to the Cubs is official and helps complete that Adam Warren-Starlin Castro trade, I was able to find out alittle nugget that I’d like to bring to my Bleeding Yankee Blue audience.  According to my source, the Ryan family was pretty much taken by surprise and punched in the gut, so to speak, when they found out the news of Ryan being shipped to Chicago. But it was more about HOW they found out.

According to my source, the Ryan’s found out about the trade on Twitter at the same time everybody else did, having no idea what to think at the time.  My source said this of the story coming out about the Brendan Ryan’s trade news: “That wasn’t fun. It got leaked.”  It was definitely a blow and a bit nerve racking because they didn't have any official word from the New York Yankees.

Now look, there is something that comes with employment, personnel relationships and I gotta tell ya, I have no idea how the whole trade stuff goes down.  You gotta imagine names are thrown around, they discuss contracts, money and sometimes, perhaps in the case of Brendan Ryan, they discuss add-on players.  

Ryan was an add-on, and no doubt it was never truly relayed all the way through.   I have no reason to not believe my source on this story.  I can tell you that it must be hard for a family to have to continually need to move from team to team and town to town.  

(In Photo: BYB Friend, Lory Ankiel, founder of Our Baseball Life)

Hell, that’s why a person like Lory Ankiel started Our Baseball Life… because in a business like baseball, it’s hard for a wife to have to pack up the whole family and move while the husband, the ballplayer needs to get out to the new team and get to work. In this case, the offseason, it’s a bit easier, but still stressful. I feel bad for Brendan and Sharyn.

Now I will be asked, “Well, you interviewed the Ryans before, why didn’t you just ask them about it the trade?  I want to be clear about something; while BYB interviews the players and their wives and gets to know these folks, these are public people with private lives.  The last thing they want is a regular dude like me texting them asking for answers. It's none of my freaking business. It’s called privacy ladies and gentlemen, and I try to respect people’s privacy, especially in an emotional moment like this.

But that’s the story when it comes to Brendan Ryan and his trade to the Cubs.  The trade is now complete, and Mr. Ryan puts on light blue pinstripes now, playing for the Cubbies.   That Harry Caray impersonation will help catapult him into the hearts of Cubbie fans for sure, as well as his great play.

To the Ryan family, you are great people.  You have a solid foundation and great family and no doubt, whatever city you play in, you will be fine. 

I just wanna tell you that I’m a personal fan, and I wish you the best!

Good luck!

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