Monday, December 7, 2015


A lot of chatter today, and everything I see has the word "Yankees" attached to it, but who the hell knows what's true or what's not.

The latest tweet comes from Jayson Stark of ESPN about the Yankees and perhaps Jose Fernandez:
Now let's not forget... the whole Jose Fernandez being traded rumor originated from Craig Mish of Sirius XM.  I mean, give credit where credit is due here.
Bottom line, when Mish came out with his nugget back in November, I wasn't so sure I believed it and I am still not sure, just because the Yankees track record in the off season has been full of "reinforcements" and no superstar.  Chris Capuano comes to mind.  So, pardon me for being underwhelmed.

That being said, Fernandez is a name I will definitely get on board with.  He's young, he can be lights out and the Yankees have been trade partners with the Marlins before... I can see something happening again. 

But keep in mind, the Dodgers, the team with unlimited funds is in the mix.  And so... we wait and see inf the Yankees can even come up with a significant offer to make it a reality for the Bronx faithful.

That's all I have on this ladies and gents.  I don't want to try to convince you it's happening.... it's just a rumor, but an interesting one at that.

Stay tuned...

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