Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I know, it seems ridiculous.  The Yankees have guys like Rob Refsnyder and Jose Pirela on the team and they are ready to burst with talent at second base. Plus, we have newly acquired Dustin Ackley, who I personally love in pinstripes. But here's the thing; I almost feel like  the Yankees want to upgrade a bit and almost regret letting Martin Prado get traded away to the Miami Marlins this off-season.

In essence, with all the conversation and uncertainty about Stephen Drew at second last year, the reality was, if we kept Prado, we wouldn't have had those conversation.  I know... I know, without giving up Prado, we probably wouldn't have had Nathan Eovaldi who did wonders for us this season.  Hey, you never know, right?

But here's what I do know... and yes, it's a gut feeling... I believe the Yanks just don't truly trust guys like Refsnyder and Pirela.  I don't know what it is, but that's what I'm going with.

Chad Jennings of LoHud thinks differently. He writes that Cashman said: “I think we have at least some comfort knowing that I have Ref [and] I maybe have Ackley if we get a better feel for what he can provide on the defensive standpoint...We have Pirela who had a hell of a year at Triple-A (but) has not really shown that yet at the Major League level. I think we have some candidates here that as we move forward, we can say we have something, unless something presents themselves as being better.”

So what's the point Jennings is trying to make? Well, not much. Let's be honest, Cashman doesn't always do what he says, in fact, he has a track record.  Cashman talks a lot, and while it's Jennings job to "get the story", there really isn't any story to get here. If Cashman has another thought in his mind as to an upgrade, and yes, I believe Prado IS an upgrade because he's so athletic, energetic and versatile, he'll find a way to get him back.   That goes for any other 2nd baseman who's available too by the way. If it's an upgrade, that quote about by Cashman means absolutely nothing.

And so, it all goes back to my gut... and Jon Heyman of, who probably got his report from my original Prado story THE SPARKPLUG I WISH WE STILL HAD from this season.  Jon writes, and trust me, it ain't much: "...They (Yankees) do like both Ben Zobrist and Martin Prado, who provide the type of versatility they love..."

As you all know, the Zobrist thing never happened, because Cashman rejected the the offer, but Prado... Prado is a different story. Whether or not it happens we shall see... but again... it's a gut thing.

I don't know... sometimes I just have a feeling about these things.  I feel like there may be a reunion with Prado. Although, I'm not gonna lie. I absolutely loved what Refsnyder and Ackley provided for us down the stretch. 

Stay tuned...

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