Monday, June 1, 2015


Quick little nugget coming out or Miami involving Martin Prado and speculation from me thinking... "God, imagine if we didn't trade away Prado and re-sign Stephen Drew." But more on that in a moment...

According to, there was chatter about the Marlins unloading Prado.  The Fish Pond writes: "...some in the New York media are speculating that the Mets may be able to pry Martin Prado away from Miami to provide insurance in case David Wright doesn’t return.

From what I’m told, the Marlins have not quit on the season. They aren’t thinking about trading away core pieces. Dealing Prado doesn’t make much sense for Miami, especially since he is under contract through 2016. The Yankees are picking up $3 million of the $11 million Prado is making this year and next...

Prado is a leader on this team. Dealing him would be a tremendous blow to the clubhouse, and a signal of retreat to a market that is tired of rebuilding."

Great analysis and speculation from a Marlins fan perspective and it goes back to what we said about Prado during his short time in the Bronx last season.  The dude may not be some All-Star everyone is drooling over, but he's very good and consistent and has the energy every team needs.

I only bring it up because of Stephen Drew clogging our lineup and how it would have made a helluva alot more sense to put a guy like Prado in that spot and never re-sign Drew. 

Drew's time in New York is up and who knows why the Yankees are holding onto this guy any longer.

Plus, my mind was wandering, thinking, "Will the Yanks dump Drew, try to trade him away, and, if the trade speculation is true about Prado and we're paying some of the dude's salary anyway, what's the chances we could ever get the guy back?" Would we? Should we? Or should we just bring up Rob Refsnyder , lose Drew and start fresh.  Whatever the case... I thought it was interesting that Prado has a unique ability to bring a clubhouse to life and damn, I miss him in the Bronx, it was fun.

OK... enough of me rambling.  God, looking back at this post, I really offered you nothing but a few memories.  Oh well... it happens.

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