Monday, October 5, 2015


Small nugget here, but one of our policies has always been that if someone mentions us or one of our writers in a positive light, and understand what we do here at Bleeding Yankee Blue, it's nice to give them alittle plug.  It's a courtesy, it's about kindness... are you listening CJ Nitkowski?

Suzie Pinstripe is one of the good ones.  She works her tail off in life, she's a runner, hardworking, she manages kids and schedules and a whole nine. She's also someone that's a good friend.  We talk about family a lot, the stresses, and we're both Italian and I think that helps.  Rumor is she makes the best meatballs on the planet.  I hope to one day share with my own family recipe as well...maybe at the same table with the rest of my BYB family.  Maybe on a holiday... maybe Texgiving... with Mike O'Hara and Greg Bird too.  Mark Teixeira is invited... don't worry.

Anyway, I getting off track.  I wanted to share something writen by BYB reader Thomas Snyder.  It's a terrific piece from his blog THE POWER OF INSPIRATION.  Here's a portion of it:
"Reading blogs on Twitter continues to "light my lamp" and provide inspiration. Thus igniting and energizing my various passions. There are many that are posted frequently and their authors all posess inspirational gifts.  However, there are three that consistently cause my inspirational meter to soar...

One of my passions which has been cultivated throughout my lifetime has been my love of Baseball. Suzanne Carbonaro, a Professor at the Rider University School of Education is among several contributing writers for the blog Bleeding Yankee Blue. Her writing consistently reveals her own passion for her students, the sport of baseball, her family and her beloved Yankees.   

My admiration for her writing is strengthened with each post that I read. Her ability to connect baseball, the Yankees and real world experiences while coming from a different angle reveal her gifts as a writer. She literally has taken the phrase "baseball is life" to new, inspiring heights. After finishing Suzanne's posts I always feel that she above all else is a baseball fan, using her writing as a tool to build relationships with other baseball fans. All the while igniting everyone's passion for the game."

Kindness makes the world go 'round.  I've said it time and time again here. We try to inspire here at BYB.  We try to bring the best out of people.  Sure, we're a baseball, Yankees site, but we thrive on life lessons and family.  It's why people like the Ryan family, the Jones Family, the Posadas, the Sabathias, the Hensleys... are close with us. They all get it.  We're nice at BYB... we back each other up. We're also inspirational.

I want to personally thank Thomas Snyder for taking the time. Your blog now sits on my blogroll. 

I tip my cap.  You're a good man.

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