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I'm a huge fan of drive in a human being.  I like to see a man or woman tell me what their plan is, and then execute and succeed.  It's a rush, not only for them, but for a person like myself who craves the appreciation of them perfecting their craft.  It's also addictive and inspirational. And so, it rubs off.  I find myself sharing these stories with my children, and they keep that in their memory bank for another time in their life. Here's an example; My son said to us the other day, "I'd love to take a break from swimming today."  My second born swims competitively. Now, my wife and I are hardly pushing our kids into anything and so, she simply said to him, "Today you get that day off. You've earned it. But think about what happens if you keep missing.  Someone else on your team will take your spot because the coach may think you're not dedicated."  He hasn't missed since... and that's what I'm talking about.  Drive. It's in all of us, and it sure as hell is in Ty Hensley... my friend.

Ty had an abdominal strain during his journey to the majors. It affected his pitching rotation and so, he had to have hip surgery because of it.  So, when we all heard about "the hip", it was all connected and we at BYB wrote about it extensively in BYB EXCLUSIVE: TY HENSLEY TALKS POST SURGERY while the others just said he was "put on a shelf."  The thinking for the reader was "Oh, too bad... but we have other pitchers." For them, the story was over.  Not for BYB.

BYB's stance has always been you follow the story through.  If we get to the nugget of the problem, explain it to the reader. We did and our audience rallied behind this young man.  Ty felt it and he came back.

After Ty was attacked this past winter back in his home state, he showed up in Tampa just a few days later with a wired jaw and his dreams and got back to work.  Why? Drive. Desire... focus and dedication.  He won't give up on himself and I'm damn proud to see this man follow his dreams. Again... inspirational.

(In Photo: young Ty Hensley)
He's the boy from Oklahoma... who grew up to be a New York Yankee.

Here's Bleeding Yankee Blue's latest interview from our friend Ty Hensley. Thanks kid...

BYB: Ty, it's been a long time.  Tell me about Staten Island and you getting there last year?

Ty Hensley: I had a good time playing up there, learning, and getting better! It was definitely a good change of pace to get out of Tampa and play some ball under the lights again!  After being out of the game as a game for so long, the longest in my life actually it was just awesome.  My debut fell on my birthday and I considered it the best gift in the world.  No one should ever take any day they get to play the game for a living for granted, at any level.

BYB: What's the plan right now? I mean, I hate to rush you as a fan, but what are the chances you can work toward Charleston RiverDogs this year, or, is it more of a 1 day at a time mentality?

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Ty Hensley: I'm not to worried about all that... All I can control is my attitude and effort every day. Just wanna do the best I can day in and day out!  It may sound like I'm trying not to answer the question, but in my mind nothing is impossible.  I don't even put where (unless it's Yankee Stadium) in my brain.  It just doesn't matter, wherever it is is just a stop on the way to where I want to be.  I don't see any reason I couldn't break with Charleston or higher for that matter.  Ultimately it's not up to me, but I will turn wherever into whatever I need to do to get where I need to go.

 BYB: Tell the BYB audience about your recovery after the incident over the holidays back in Oklahoma.  Many were concerned, and for the record, we understand it's a sensitive subject...

Ty Hensley: I'm doing fine and I'm right where I need to be for the 2015 season.  I can't really discuss the issue in any detail right now due to the legal case that is pending.  I just am very blessed and thankful that my body is healing well and the injuries have not affected my ability to throw a baseball for strikes. The fact that I have no front teeth at the moment makes me feel a little stronger right now, and provides a little entertainment in the locker room.  I was overwhelmed by the support BYB and others not only gave to me, but my family as well.

BYB: I love the bond you and your brother have.  When signing day happened for JR, did you just happen to be in town or was that something that was planned out?

Ty Hensley: I planned on being there no matter what... Wouldn't miss it for the world! We have always been there for each other and I'm his biggest fan.  I don't know if I have ever been prouder of someone then at that moment.  JR decided to pave his own path away from baseball and I am very happy for him.

BYB: JR calls you his idol... someone he looks up to. His mentor... tell me about your relationship.

Ty Hensley: It's unlike anything to be honest with you... As we've gotten older we have only grown closer. Not too many people would call their younger brother their hero, but I would. We have always gotten along really well (along with the occasional brotherly arguments and what not). I'll be his biggest critic and fan at the same time. There's nobody I am closer with in my life than my brother. He's my best friend. It's truly a special bond.

BYB: How's the "bum hip" as one blogger wrote you. Unfortunate. Are you back in business? How is the rotation, how does it feel to be throwing 100%?

Ty Hensley: Yeah. One blogger tweeted "bum hip", and that hit me at a tough moment. I don't normally respond to tweets and such, as everyone is entitled to there opinion, but at that moment, I was more or less telling myself "I'll show you."   Unfortunately things out of my control have caused me to take a different path then I envisioned on signing day, but I look at it as being prepared for something bigger.  I'm not here to please the doubters, I'm here to respect and play the game to the best of my ability and I know that if the Lord has it in His plan to let me do that it will be enough to make an impact at the Major League level. I feel great and I'm ready to go.  Not much more to say other then that.

BYB: Tell the BYB audience the plan for you... what happens over the next few weeks for you personally to get ready for the season?

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Ty Hensley: Work as hard as I can in the weight room, on the field, watching video... Anything I can possibly to do better my game!  In addition I have really re-tooled my nutritional program.  I eat much cleaner then I used to, have cut the carbs and have gone heavy on protein and vegetables. I reported to camp at 8% body fat.  I have a little more work to do, but I am extremely pleased with how my fitness has progressed this off season.

BYB: Random question: What's on your iPod these days... no so much for leisure, but for your workouts. What gets you revved up?

Ty Hensley: If people knew what I listened to when I workout, then I'm sure I would be judged hardcore...Ha ha.

(Photo Courtesy: Robert Anderson)
BYB: I'm pretty close to Staten Island. Should I bring Fratelli's to you or are we gonna get a pie in
 the city sometime soon?

Ty Hensley: We can share a pie someday when I am in the city again for sure!  I wouldn't miss an opportunity to see those guys again, they are great!

BYB: What would you like to say to the Bleeding Yankee Blue audience who has been with you since day one...

Ty Hensley: Thanks for following my journey so far. I promise this next part is gonna be a lot more exciting. I'll make y'all proud! Baseball is back!

Thanks Ty. We love your personality here and we love your honesty and drive.  We here at Bleeding Yankee Blue have your back and look forward to watching you shine in 2015.  We can honestly say... we've been with you since the beginning of your Yankees career.

Push yourself Pal.  We'll see you soon, no question!

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