Thursday, January 8, 2015


Just wanted to make you all aware of what has happened to our friend Ty Hensley. According to reports, Hensley was the victim of a vicious attack.

According to his attorney and written on CBS Sports:

"Hensley had to be hospitalized after being "brutally attacked and assaulted" over the holidays... According to Diesselhorst, Hensley was jumped from behind and beaten after being knocked unconscious. He suffered "pretty significant facial injuries," including multiple fractures to his jaw. The incident occurred at a home in The Village, a suburb of Oklahoma City." 

This falls in line with something Marci Hensley, Ty's mother, had written on her Facebook page right around that time. Something I remember reading, and thought it came out of no where.  It also was very much in line with what Marci does... she's crazy about her kids. She wrote:

"Friends I just have to write something about Ty Hensley. Some of you that may not know the whole story about what he has been through may be like get over yourself woman.. Quit being a sappy mom.. But some..some know it all. He isn't perfect, but he is good to the core and will stand up for what he believes in, work for what he wants, help when he can, and has never met a stranger. I have never witnessed someone be knocked down so much and get back up each time more determined than the last. He is my son yes... But he is also my hero for all the reasons anyone chooses a hero..I love you with all my heart son. You make the people that know you want to be better people. Whatever happens in life never let anything or anyone rob you of that gift!!!"

Needless to say, I "liked" it.

Now, we reached out to the Hensleys to try and gather more information for you, the BYB readers. If we get it, we will share it. Why? Because the Hensleys are a staple at BYB. We love them, we support them. We recently wrote about them in BYB, FAMILY & THE HENSLEYS:

"It all goes back to that kid from Oklahoma.  A little kid with a big dream. A little kid that was raised right."

That's Ty. We love his drive. We love that family. It's the same "values" thing I guess. What can I say?

Ty, you have our full support here at BYB. Rest up, get well soon. Prayers are with you big guy. If there is anything we can do, give me a shout.  You have my number.

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  1. The Hensleys are good people. Their goidness goes back several generations as I have witnessed it through my husband, brother in law and my in laws from Oklahoma. Prayers are with them from all of our family to yours.


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