Tuesday, September 22, 2015


The Yanks had Adam Warren on the mound last night.  A good soldier.  He does whatever is asked of him, never complains and kept the Yankees in it against the Jays.  But for some reason, Joe Girardi thought it was a good idea to use the pen again.  Throwing more arms at the Blue Jays, I don't know... maybe to confuse them? You can suggest that we need to treat these games like the World Series all you want and pound the opponent with pitching, but pitching was not the issue last night.  The Yankees needed to score runs.

I know we should have written the Yankees off in the AL East weeks ago, but the truth is that even with tonight’s loss, they are still realistically alive for the division.  They are 3.5 back with 13 games left to play.  Even the most eternal optimist, however, would have to admit that any chance the Yankees have to win the division will be over if they don’t win both of the next two games.

If the Yanks win the next two games, they will only be 1.5 back, 1 in the loss column, with 11 games to play (4 vs. the White Sox, 4 vs. the Red Sox and 3 at Baltimore).  Those are teams they can beat and pick up some ground on Toronto.

But if we go into those 11 games 3.5 back instead of 1.5 back, it is no longer realistic.  Even 9-2 for the Yanks in the last 11 would only get them to a tie with Toronto if Toronto goes 6-4 in it's last 10 (6 vs. Rays and 4 at Baltimore).

So, this is really it.  Luis Severino needs to get us this win and then we have to figure out how to get through Ivan Nova’s start on Wednesday.  Not very likely, but it isn’t over unless and until they lose today or Wednesday.

I'm not giving a blow by blow recap.  The reality is at this point in the season hinges on wins.  We lost. We need to turn it around today.

Final: Blue Jays 4 - Yankees 2


--Douglas Solomon, BYB Guest Writer

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