Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Rob Refsnyder will not be with the Yankee organization next year. That's my prediction and I hate making predictions.

There is something pretty unusual going on.  I mean, the Yankees have Stephen Drew in the 2nd base slot and that's fine. I mean, even though I don't agree with it, it's the way it's gonna be.  Nothing will change.  But, like I've stated numerous times, there is something very telling and exciting about seeing the kids get alittle experience in the major leagues, especially around September call-up time and if they can get a few at-bats and some confidence... I say it's a nice perk some a youngster who's been working his tail off all year in the minor leagues. Plus, sometimes it's lightning in a bottle and energizes a veteran club.

Rob Refsnyder got a taste of the majors, but then Rob Refsnyder was sent back down.  No one understood it, including Ref.  I just figured the Yanks were showcasing him before the trade deadline and were just going to trade him on the 31st of July.  That didn't happened. What did happen was Ref stayed down... but was eventually called up in September.  My thinking was..., well, maybe he'd get a few at bats. Right? Well... Girardi doesn't appear to want to.  Bryan Hoch tweeted this:

Contradiction. Plus... he doesn't know the pitching? I know someone else who didn't know the pitching staffs "up here" and cranked one out last night to give the Yankees the win. Slade Heathcott came up and as we discovered last night that adrenaline in the major leagues is a beautiful thing.

Now someone like Jack Curry raises a good point:
True, but why not? Why CAN'T they all play? You're gonna sit here and tell me that if the Yankees are up 12-1, they can't pinch hit for Stephen Drew and throw in Ref for an at-bat or 2?

Maybe put him at second for a game down the stretch? Ref isn't exactly a liability.  He's a AAA player who the Yankees were high on.  Suddenly, Girardi isn't and so... now the kid gets the ride the pine till the end of the season?  Give me a freaking break.

Refsnyder will no longer be a Yankee after this year.  Something isn't right in Yankeeland and I'm not sure if it was the attitude and surprise that Refsnyder reportedly had when he was sent back down, or if the Yankees are just not interested in making him pro.  Whatever it is, it's disappointing.  But that's just my take... what's yours?

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