Thursday, August 6, 2015


It's been a crazy few weeks. Between all of the crazy trade deadline action and the Yankees getting an unwelcome surprise from the injury bug, my head is spinning. I've have been sitting here on pins and needles.

It's funny, I remember the series we played against the Rangers for instance. I came home from work and I turn on my TV. As soon as I turn it on, BOOM there goes a three run homer to Josh Hamilton. I immediately face palm. Fine, it's only the first inning and I get it.

No time to panic but come on! Our pitcher that night? CC Sabathia. My thinking was, it was his first time through the batting order. Then it got dicey. I worry that down the stretch, if CC keeps doing this sort of thing, it could really hurt us.

I feel like each pitch I am watching from CC he's hanging fastballs and breaking balls. It's batting practice! Hey CC....the ball isn't supposed to go in the stands. Ideally, we like it to hit Brian McCann's glove. If not, as long as it lands in a position players glove we are good. I am in physical pain watching these outings though, and I am starting to yell at the rest of the BYB team now too.

So this is how I feel as CC gets the ball tonight.  If he has a bad outing tonight, I think it's safe to say I am off of the CC Sabathia "Starting pitcher" train. It might be time to go to the bullpen like BYB previously wrote about in SABATHIA TO THE BULLPEN? THINK ABOUT IT.

You know, I really like CC Sabathia as a person. He is a great guy and he has so much passion but at the end of the day it's not about throwing out "likable" people and hoping they perform. It's about throwing your best guys into the game everyday who are reliable and get the job done. I worry that that just isn't CC anymore. It is time to do what is best for the team and let someone dependable take the lead.

The Yankees have kept him in the rotation out of respect, and I get that. But now the Yankees are dealing with injury to Michael Pineda and arm fatigue to Ivan Nova, that is a huge blow to the team right now. It's crunch time. It's's time to be thinking about the postseason. Nova may not be on the DL yet, but I have a bad feeling about this that I just can't shake. I hope I am wrong, but if I am not then we are down 2 starters and we have already lost out on the Johnny Cueto, Cole Hamels and David Price sweepstakes the Yankees need to think long and hard about this because the postseason is at stake here.

All I can say is Brian Cashman better be on the phones asking about Yovani Gallardo or Jeff Samardzija or James Shields right now. The last time I checked....Dustin Ackley can't pitch. Oh yeah... and he's hurt. Maybe we can pull a miracle like in Moneyball and teach him.

We need to because I am sorry CC....but we can't afford your inconsistency anymore.


--Jeana Bellezza, BYB Senior Writer and Editor
Twitter: @NyPrincessJ 

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