Monday, August 24, 2015


It comes as no surprise to many right about now.  CC Sabathia is hurt, and put on the DL and that was tweeted by Jack Curry of YES earlier tonight:
Now, I'm going to suggest that when I was with my old man at Yankee Stadium Sunday, just watching CC in the first 2 innings was as bad as watching paint dry.  Not only that, he just didn't look right.  He looked like he was laboring.  His body language indicted to me that he was either hurting or working too hard.  It was weird actually.  Now however, it all makes sense.

Bottom line, the big lug has some knee issues and has had them for 3 years.  We remember this type of thing with CC's knee has been happening for a while.  Remember 2014? I remember reading Daniel Barbarisi in the Wall Street Journal writing:

"...If the six-time All-Star has to undergo microfracture surgery to repair the knee, Girardi said the Yankees must acknowledge the possibility, however remote, that he will never pitch for them again..."

That was July 2014.  Point is, we saw this type of thing happening.

We just need to brace ourselves now.  Think about what CC would want.  He'd want us to keep on moving forward as a team... and we will.

You gotta feel bad for CC though. I know I do. He's a gamer with a bum knee... and it's a damn shame.

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