Thursday, July 23, 2015


We are huge supporters of the Posada family here.  We believe in their message. We love their family values and as athletes, as intelligent individuals and as great role models, we could not be more happy with how they present themselves.  If we didn't, we at Bleeding Yankee Blue would not have offered them such positive press and support over the years.  In short, they are tops.

Someone emailed me about 3 weeks ago asking us what happened to the Jorge Posada interview for his book.  They wrote, "Obviously you'll get one!"  We didn't get one. Why you ask? "People". Let me explain...

When "people" get involved, they sometimes blow it for their client, and they don't even realize it. When Jorge's book, The Journey Home: My Life in Pinstripes, we thought we'd have that interview in the bag. After all, we at BYB are significant in the Yankee fan base... we scratch backs... our back deserves to be scratched... that's just common sense.

We did the right thing this time. We went through the proper channels for this interview, something I rarely do, because I don't like when "people" get involved.  But I did it anyway, because as professionals, it's what you're supposed to do.  So, we didn't go directly to Jorge and Laura. We went through the publisher, the PR people, because as I mentioned... "people" surround athletes, celebrities... it's the way it's done.  We were patient at BYB.  We were fair.  We submitted our past articles to them to ensure this is a no-brainer for their client.  But you know what? We never heard a thing.  We wrote them on occasion, "checking in".  We expressed our continued interest, but it appeared that that interest didn't seem to matter, or at least that's how I viewed it.  Look, I'm not Larry King here, but Bleeding Yankee Blue should always be considered, especially in the Yankee family. But nothing happened.

About a month and a half ago, I'd had it. I thought, "Well, what would Jorge do? He's a Leo like myself... if he's annoyed, he speaks his mind." I did. I sent a note to Jorge's "people" pretty much assuming this request never made it to Jorge's ears.  I was irritated and yes, I was forceful.  I received major blow back. I received the same forceful email back to me.  They were pissed, and I get that, but so was I.  I moved onto other "people" in the circle... more layers in this now horrendous handling of press.  I was told to be patient and now, as I sit here sipping my coffee, reviewing my notes and that email from Jessica, I decided I need to tell you about it.

Am I annoyed? You're damn right I am.  Does this encroach on Jorge's reputation. NO WAY.  Does this post end my relationship with the Posada family? Damn, I hope not.  I mean look, I don't blame Jorge at all.  What the hell did he do? I have a sneaking suspicion he didn't even know about this mess.  Let me tell you something... he does now.

Here's a plug, Jorge.  Everyone, be sure to read Jorge's book.  It's fantastic.  And be sure to check out these pieces about the Posada family, right here on BYB:




And yes, there are dozens more, because we love the Posada family.

Sorry, I had to vent. Crap like this shouldn't ever happen, but that's exactly what happens when "people" get involved.  "People" who think they have their client's best interest.  "People" who don't bother doing their research and filter who their client NEEDS to talk to.  In short, it's bologna, and now I've learned my lesson.  Go to the source, not their "people"... always.

We do go work here at BYB.  I just assumed "people" saw that.  I assumed wrong.

Lesson learned.

 Be Read. Get Known.

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