Monday, May 11, 2015


Let me start by saying I am a Jorge Posada girl. From that day in 1995 when he made his major league debut on my birthday, to his very last game in pinstripes, I cheered for that man more than I did for anyone else on the field. I mean, I had a lot of players that I have loved over the years. Paul O'Neill was amazing, and Bernie Williams will always be one of my favorite outfielders. But, Jorge will always be THAT player to me. You know the one... the one that defined your fandom. So, on Thursday when my friend Kim shared Jorge's Facebook post about book signings, I knew exactly what I was doing for Mothers Day. 

Okay, so maybe I should have been celebrating with my kids because, you know... MOTHERS day. But honestly, when else was I going to have the chance to get my book signed by Jorge? So I put on my Bleeding Yankee Blue shirt, and made the trip to Barnes and Nobles. Screw it! Mother's Day gift to myself! 

It was a great experience. If there is one thing I learned from book signings, and midnight release events in New York City, it's that you will always make friends on line waiting, and that experience is usually better than the event itself. This time did not disappoint. We talked about the Yankees, and baseball. One guy even got a "Hip Hip Jorge" chant going at one point. 

Anyway, Jorge is awesome! The guy smiled at and shook hands with everyone, and signed all the books. I wasn't allowed to take a picture with him, though I absolutely did try. Probably for the best. All I could manage was a huge goober smile, and a super dorky "Oh my god! Thank you so much!" Which was quickly followed by a goofy giggle. When it comes to finesse, today was not a good day for me.  

Jorge's book, "The Journey Home: My Life in Pinstripes" comes out May 12th. I'm on the third chapter and so far, it's really good. If you like biographies, I strongly suggest picking this one up. It takes you back through Jorge's life from childhood to his years with the team. He shares a lot of his life lessons taught to him by his father. I'm very grateful I had the chance to attend the book signing.  I'll leave you with one of my favorite lines came from the prologue. 

"It's no secret that I hated to lose. My dad taught me that, but he added this: if you hate it so much do everything you can so you don't." 

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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