Saturday, July 4, 2015


It's the Fourth of July today and there will be so much happening around the country as we celebrate our freedom.  Hot Dogs taste better on this day.  I usually throw back a few beers and hang with friends and family and believe it or not, I rarely catch a Yankee game on this day... there's just too much going on.

What I will normally do is play the radio with all my favorite tunes, eat, play alittle corn hole, chase the kids around, eat, watch the parade, go see fireworks, eat...did I mention I'll eat?  If there's time, I hit the town pool, no doubt I bring my Bose radio, and just chill out.  There's no little league baseball today.  There's no nothing.

There is celebrating the United States of America... honoring the brave men and women that serve this country... and you know what, honor the police and fire today too.  These people risk their lives every day to protect us.  If it was easy, we'd all be doing it... but we don't.   Remember that.

I look around this nation and I see things I don't like at all.  Baseball and family is an escape for me because it makes the bad things go away for a bit.  But there are angry people in this country and I don't know if I'll ever truly understand that.

I mean look... don't get me wrong, I get my back up when it comes to certain situations too.  But as I get alittle older... I pick my battles.  When you look at what people fight about, they're usually uninformed, they don't know the whole story and only read headlines.  It goes back to my spats with people because of what I write on the pages of BYB.  The Alex Rodriguez saga for instance.  Do you know people threatened my life? And for what? Because I was suggesting that ARod was human, that he made a huge mistake and that he should be forgiven? I mean honestly... you wanna come after me for that? That's just common sense.  But the haters can't get passed that, almost like they're perfect.  You ever lie? You ever get into an argument and realize half way through that you're totally out of line? We've all been there.  It's silly.

It happens with politics, on social media, with sports, when it comes to raising kids, what we eat, etc, etc, etc.  Everyone has opinions... and guess what, no opinion is wrong.  What's right is that we can all talk about it, not fight about it.  Laws are laws, but thoughts and opinions are just that.  Have a dialog... discuss. If you don't like it, state why... stop the name calling, stop the bullshit. That shows ignorance.

I don't even know why I'm getting this off my chest today.  Maybe it just came to a head with me.  I saw a kid try to cross a street in the crosswalk right across my street the other day.  Now in my town it is the law that you need to stop for pedestrians when they cross.  Do you know this middle aged man drove right up to the cross walk and stopped short, scaring the shit out of this 14 year old kid. HE'S A KID!... and for what... because the dude had to get to his tee time?  It's stuff like that that doesn't matter.

Hey... we're all trying to raise kids in this country to do the right thing, be honest, be hardworking and learn everything they can to be the best and the brightest. But instead... we're raising whiners and hate mongers.  It starts at home... you need to fix it if that's happening.

So do me a favor.  Enjoy the Fourth.  Shake hands with friends, have a few pops... but thank a cop today. Thank an veteran... help an old woman cross the street and don't be so damn angry.  In fact... love each other... not just today... every day..   That hates too great right now and it's worrisome... and it will destroy us all, not only as individuals... but as a nation.

Happy Fourth. Thanks for your continued support of BYB.  We love you.


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