Tuesday, June 23, 2015


I don't know... who would you rather have, Cole Hamels or Chris Capuano pitching for the New York Yankees?

I like Cap, but his time is up.  He did some good things for us last season, but this year, I'm kind of over it. Cole, please.

According to YESNetwork.com's Matt Heffler who got the report from the New York Post, Hamels is in... if we want him, and if the trade price is right of course. Check this out:

"Left-hander Cole Hamels is the perfect addition for the Yankees, and they should do whatever it takes to land the ace. Their need is great and has never been more evident than the last two games when their alleged aces were blasted...There are a number of contenders chasing Hamels, and the Yankees would be one of those teams he would accept a trade to for multiple reasons, but mostly because he knows the Yankees will put themselves in position to contend for the length of his contract, which runs through 2018.

'The opportunity to play for a team that could ultimately get to the World Series is what every guy hopes for and what every guy works for, starting with the offseason and spring training,’ Hamels told The Post."

The Kernan article goes on to name 2 players the Phillies are "intrigued" with. Aaron Judge and Luis Severino.  I am under the assumption, and this is me guessing, that the Yankees will NOT part with Judge, but could part with Severino.  Sad, but true.  I have no inside baseball on that... I just have a gut feeling...we shall see.

Whatever the case, there's more. Apparently Hamels has given the green light, and it's not only to the Yanks. It's to the Rangers too.  Dallas Morning News writes:

"A major-league source confirmed to SportsDayDFW.com writer Evan Grant the Rangers have had ongoing, periodic discussions with the Phillies that include Hamels."

That report originally came from Jon Morosi of FOX Sports. Whatever the case, Hamels will be in demand and the Yankees and Cashman need to be smart about this.   For the Bombers, it now would just be a matter of who the Yankees are willing to give up to get this deal done.

Are we desperate? No.  Would Hamels be a good fit considering CC Sabathia is not the same pitcher and Chris Capuano is now a bullpen guy? I'd say, YES Cashman, figure out a way to make this work.

Stay tuned on this one ladies and gentlemen.  Suzie Pinstripe will have more on BYB soon... trust me, this is her beat.

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