Monday, June 8, 2015


I was on a baseball field when a fellow coach yelled out. "Yanks are winning right now, beautiful day for baseball."

"They are? Again?" I said.

"Yup", he said. "They look great lately."

It was true. The Yankees do look great lately.  Sometimes you look at the lineup and you see Stephen Drew and Didi Gregoirus and you think about how even they are contributing somehow.  Sure, they are far from consistent, but when thinks click for a team... wins happen and sometimes they happen often.  That's where we are.

Now it started out with a smile for me personally.  Before that conversation with that coach even happened, I received this tweet from our friend Joanie... a BYB reader and huge Yankee fan:
It was clear, BYB does make you sexy, or in this case, sexier! Thanks for the tweet girls, I hope you had fun.

Then the game happened and CC Sabathia was on the hill. He went 6 innings, giving up 5 hits and 2 runs.  No other runs were scored by the Angels, the Yanks pen shut them down.

The hitting went like this:

With the Yanks down 2-0, Didi Gregorius grounded out, and in the process, a run scored. Then, in the 5th, we scored 4.  Chris Young hit a solo shot. Then Brett Gardner hit a 3 run homer.  After that, we went to the 7th, when Jose Pirela hit a solo home run.  And just like that, the Yankees scored 6.

Oh yeah, and there was an interesting moment for Sabathia. Talk about passion. I'll hand this off to ESPN who wrote:

"Sabathia, who gave up first-inning solo shots to Mike Trout and Albert Pujols but then posted four zeroes after that, struck out Trout to open the frame. But after an infield single by Pujols and a walk by David Freese, Kole Calhoun stepped to the plate representing the tying run.

Calhoun eventually hit into an inning-ending 4-6-3 double play. But Sabathia remained upset, because he thought a previous pitch in the at-bat had been incorrectly called a ball, and had words for Bellino as he walked off the mound.

'I just asked him where the pitch was,' Sabathia said after the game. 'He said it was down. I said, 'It’s not down, you just called it on [Chase] Headley.' That’s when he threw me out.'"

Passion is what I like. Love that Big Lug.

It was a great series for the Yankees, and it was great day at the stadium for me, and I wasn't even there. Why you ask? Because of this...
Nice. I'm glad we're doing something right here at  Thank you all for your support!

Final: Yankees 6 - Angels 2

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