Tuesday, June 16, 2015


It's a pretty big embarrassment. I mean, the Miami Marlins are good, but not this good.  What the hell happened to our team tonight?

Nathan Eovaldi must have had cold feet or something coming back to Miami and performing in front of his old team... because I have news for you... He sucked.  I hate to sound harsh, but look at the numbers... 0.2 innings pitching, he gave up 9 hits and 8 runs.

On the other side, David Phelps is something nice to see these days, huh? He feels comfortable in Miami it appears. There is something refreshing about seeing Phelps do well, even though he's a Marlin now.  We always liked him at BYB. In fact, shameless plug, read his interview with us... EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: DAVID PHELPS.  In the end, Phelps had the backing of his team who helped score him 12 runs.  He got the win.  The Yankees were lost in Miami.  Unreal.

Here's the run scoring for us... be ready to puke.

In the 6th, Brian McCann singled knocking in a run.  Then, in the 7th, Mason Williams doubled driving in Stephen Drew.  Nice to see the kid do something big... but the Yankees ended up leaving 7 on base tonight and going 2-9 with Runners in Scoring Position.

Bottom line, it sucked and that's all I can say about this... maybe tomorrow we turn this around. Please?

Final: Marlins 12 - Yankees 2

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