Sunday, May 10, 2015


This is literally the story... write this down:

"The Orioles hit 3 home runs off Chase Whitley and the Yankees were never quite able to recover."

I mean... that's really it.  The Orioles struck early and often and it appeared too much. We had a hard time offensively off of Wei-Yin Chen, who pitched 7, and that the difference in the match-ups yesterday.

Whitley went 5.2 innings giving up 6 hits and 5 runs. He struck out 5.  After that, it was David Carpenter who gave up another.  Now, not too many Yankee fans have been too high on Carpenter lately.  I just say let the guy work it out... it's early.  It's a new team with a new feel... he'll get there.

As far as the Yankee offense, they scored their first run in the 5th, when John Ryan Murphy sacrificed home Chase Headley.  Then in the 8th, Carlos Beltran singled and knocked in another.  But that was all though folks... that was all.

Today, being Mother's Day, I hope the Yanks get a win for Moms everywhere. I mean, my mom's a Yankee fan. 

Yankee fans are not too unhappy with the Yankees right now... yes, losses happen, but the wins are happening more and we see it and we like it.  I was speaking to one of my friends the other night about the Yankees.  He's an older gentlemen, and he doesn't go to the games as much as he used to.  I said, "Yanks look pretty good right now, don't they?"  He smirked as he was leaving the house, turned to me and said... "Yeah... they're fun this year."

That very telling and it almost seems true.  I'm not sure if it was the just the Derek Jeter mystique we've seen 19 years before this one, or the corporate atmosphere that we've had for as long as I can remember, but something has definitely changed. The clubhouse seems loose.  They're growing mustaches. They're showing "team"... hell... they even look like they're laughing more.  It's very true... the Yankees have been fun... and it's working.  Loss yesterday... sure, it happens. No team can win 162... but I don't feel as bad about it, because I feel like they'll just win the next one.  I like that feeling.

Final: Orioles 6 - Yankees 2

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