Saturday, April 11, 2015


As a fan, and when your team is playing rival... you stay up for every pitch.  When your team wins... it was worth it.  When your team loses... it was the dumbest idea you've ever had.

Tonight... was dumb... really freaking dumb.  But I don't have a crystal ball... so I rolled the dice.

Let's start with the pitching. Nathan Eovaldi started and was not exactly what we saw in Spring Training, but it's nothing I'd be overly worried about.  Nathan went 5.1 innings, gave up 8 hits and 3 runs.  Maybe it was nerves, who knows, but he did what he could in his first start in Yankee Stadium.  After that, it was all Yankee pen as we watched the Yankees creep back and I loved what I saw from the pen. We looked amazing in that department.

As far as offense, in the 6th inning, with the Sox up 3 - zip,  Alex Rodriguez singled home Gregorio Petit and Brian McCann sacrificed home Gardy.

In the 9th, Chase Headley homered. It was tied like that for most of the night.  Then the lights went out literally, and with alittle wine in my system... Tweets got nutty:

I love a good game against the Red Sox, but truth be told, I didn't like the start of the season and went into it being cautious. Tonight was slow and steady.  Almost too slow with the come from behind run scoring and lights going out.

But, let me state for the record that I loved what I saw from Chasen Shreve.  He has really good stuff and while I was joking about him resembling Barry Pepper in some way, the fact of the matter is, who cares, he was dealing tonight.

This is Barry Pepper as Roger Maris.

 Anyway, one big moment came when, with the game at 4-3, Mark Teixeira homered to tie it 4-4. There was a stall after that, and so, Tweets happened again:

In the 17th, after a bunch of ridiculous tweets, Garrett Jones cranked a nice single to right, his first hit as a Yankee. Then... nothing.

In the top of the 18th, Pablo Sandoval knocked in a run to make it 5-4.  At that point, I was fading really bad.  But I stayed here... dying a slow death. I love baseball, but not like this.

In the bottom of the 18th Carlos Beltran had a nice hit to right field to tie the game 5-5. At this point... tired, exhausted actually, I simply tweeted:
Now we moved on. Oh My God.

In the top of the 19th, after a passed ball and sac fly to center, the Red Sox re-gained the lead 6-5. At this point, I was thinking about my Saturday and everything this game was ruining for me.  I knew I needed to go to bed... but die-hards stay till the end.  After all, I couldn't give up on Esmil Rogers, because he wasn't giving up on us.

In the bottom of the 19th, Jacoby Ellsbury hit a single. Then... Jones hits into a double play... and just like that... this tweet below was no longer funny:
Final: Red Sox 6 -  Yankees 5

Note to Yankee fans. There is no Feature today. This is it. Good Morning.

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