Monday, April 6, 2015


Quick note.

The nice people over at amNewYork put out what seems to be their annual Opening Day article, bringing New York together, both Mets and Yankee fans.  They always do a great job and I just wanted you guys to read this year's edition. I am in it. 

The piece is titled: Mets, Yankees fans feel hopeful at start of MLB season.

Now, know this... my quotes are not provocative or earth shattering or anything. I was literally interviewed on Easter and had to get back to the party.  We were hosting at my house, but I didn't want to be a total jerk and I wanted to give the gang over at amNewYork the time they needed.  After all, they were nice enough to reach out to Bleeding Yankee Blue.  I appreciate that very much.  Here are some of the portions of that article:

"The Yankees, who open against the Blue Jays in the Bronx Monday, face the exact opposite challenge, said Robert Casey, chief, managing editor, and writer at

'I am worried about the rotation,' Casey said. 'If they can be healthy, we have a good chance of making the playoffs. I feel as well [the management team is] listening to the fans. We've been complaining about youth and they are working to make it possible.'...

Casey agreed that Alex Rodriguez, fresh off his ban for using performance-enhancing drugs, could be a major factor.

'I know he made some major mistakes all on his own, but fans just want him to hit the ball and knock in runs,' he said. 'If he strikes out and starts to talk to the press and say silly things, that's not good. I hope he just shows up, does his job and goes home. That's the plan.'"

Big Shout out to Ivan Periera over at amNewYork. Thanks buddy. Much appreciated!

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