Tuesday, April 14, 2015


You know, I can appreciate that it's early in the season. I understand that the boys have some kinks to work out. April isn't really a great sample to gauge the outcome of the season. I totally get it... really, I do. But I cannot help but be kind of ticked at Didi Gregorious.

I don't expect him to be perfect. If anything, he's under extra scrutiny because he is replacing Derek Jeter. Those are huge shoes to fill. Didi is more than capable in his own right in the position. Hell, he put up a .983 fielding percentage last season. He's got what it takes. So I root for the guy. I want him to succeed. His success means the teams success. I know he is capable of it. Why then is he making such rookie mistakes? 

I hate to be so critical this early in the season, but really... what the actual hell is he doing out there? I decided that I was going to over look his silly move trying to steal third with two outs. I'm going to chalk that up to nerves, or bad Gatorade or something. Poor judgment call on his part... whatever, I moved on.

At least I tried to. But then he gets out there and... Look, I know there is time to change and he's making adjustments but I swear it's little league mistakes. Not being able to get the ball out on time to Stephen Drew to make the double play? What the hell was that? Again, he's a capable fielder. I could forget it, if it weren't happening so often these first few games.

And then there are his at bats. That 19 inning game? Twice he came up in key moments, with runners on. Twice he let the opportunity go. And it wasn't because he just couldn't get the hit. He was taking big, sloppy swings. I get it... you want to be the hero. Hell, if I was being taunted by chants of "Der-ek Je-ter," I'd probably feel like I had a lot to prove as well. But, I'll tell you what? Small ball wins games. He could have easily gotten a base hit to drive in the runner home, and been the hero. 

I want to root for Didi. I want the Jeter chants to stop being a taunt. I want the fans to like him. Because he IS capable. That is why these first few days are so damn frustrating. He was excellent during spring training. And then he gets to the Bronx, and it's like he falls apart. I don't want him to be THAT guy. The one that cannot hash it in the Bronx. I want him to flourish. So these mistakes? They need to end. His game play these first few weeks is cringe worthy. It's hard to watch, and Yankees fans are harsh. 

Didi, get it together!

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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