Thursday, March 26, 2015


I'm getting a lot of notes from our dedicated readers lately.  People want me to write more personal stories about life, family and baseball.  I hear that. After all, that's what BYB is based on.

I'm here, I swear I am, and I am flattered that you look for my commentaries so often on Bleeding Yankee Blue.  The truth is, I'm trying to get everything together for the 2015 season, not only for BYB, but for Little League baseball, my players, my team, my son's team, our vacation, and my family.

Life doesn't slow down for me... it gets busier. The kids are getting bigger.  The bills are getting bigger.  Life takes some weird turns once in a while. No one tells you that until you're in it.  Sometimes my wife and I have 10 minutes after I get home from work and right before I bring my sons to practice. We sit... and we look at each other and it's ... "Nice to meet you... you with anyone?


"Cool. Me too.  Maybe I'll see you tonight."

There's a smile and a kiss and we plan to meet later for some "no kids" time.  That's because it's baseball season. Right now... things are insane.

We've always been busy this time of year in my house.  It doesn't help that I'm slowly getting my BYB merchandise deliveries in and doing my best to order the best products I can think of.  For me personally, It's not about getting hundreds and hundreds of crappy quality shirts, it's about getting the right types.

It's gotta be good quality.  Only the best for my readers.  BYB is a good product and when my readers ask for stuff, I like to try to get it to you.  But thank you for also understanding I'm getting pulled in all different directions, wearing all different hats in a day.  I go from dad, to worker, to writer, to coach, to husband.  Hell... I'm tired.

So look, this wasn't a note about me saying "goodbye" or, "I quit".  This is just a note to say, I'm here, I'm around and I'm damn tired, but I'm not going anywhere. I love you guys. I also have the greatest writers in the world who volunteer their time and energy and write quality stuff... better than the others out there. So if I need to take a break and coach a game or hug my wife... I can.  I appreciate them so much... you have no idea.

But this is it... we're about to hit April.  Baseball season's about to start; For the Yankees, for my kids teams and for my family. But as my kid would say to me, "It's BYB season, isn't it?" Well, he's half right.  Baseball season IS BYB season... but BYB season is 24/7, 365... I never intended it to be that way, but you guys kind of forced my hand.

I'm not complaining, I love it and I thank you all so much for your support and dedication  to our production.  I just wanted to remind you that I'm not a robot.  I'm a dad and a husband and while I aim high every day, there can be a thing called burn-out, and sometimes I just need to lighten the BYB load and enjoy my family and everything that comes with it.

Someone emailed me two days ago and wrote, "Where've you been?"

I wrote back sarcastically... 3 words...

"Baseball. That's where."

"Oh," they wrote. "Of course."

Of course.

Play Ball.

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