Saturday, March 14, 2015


Good work with that.

To me, this was a clear and obvious move to block the Yankees from signing this kid.  It's a smart move, but now the Red Sox have a back-log at second base.  Namely Dustin Pedroia.

With Pedroia at second base for the Red Sox, who knows when Boston would see Yoan Moncada at this point. I mean Pedroia is a God is Boston. I'm a huge fan of the guy and I hate the Red Sox.  So with no place to play on the major league level, and believe me, with all the hype about Moncada, he could definitely play at this level... they will instead throw this19 year old stud in Single-A ball.  SINGLE-A BALL.  Seriously.

According to Aaron Gleeman of Hardball Talk, "Boston’s total investment in Moncada is $63 million, with $31.5 million going to Moncada and $31.5 million being tacked on as a tax/penalty... He could move quickly through the minors, of course, but in general Dustin Pedroia doesn’t need to be looking over his shoulder anytime soon. Moncada is an elite prospect–Baseball America put him in their revised top 10 after the signing–but he’s still just 19 years old."

Now you're asking me..."Many of the Cuban players that get signed move immediately into the Major leagues. Why not Moncada?" Well, because the Sox can't play him there.  They have Pedroia.  This wasn't about need.  The Red Sox signing Moncada was about gluttony and blocking the Yankees. 

That's it.

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  1. It would be nice if you would actually do some research before spouting off. If you did you would realize that everyone believes Moncada needs some minor league seasoning before joining the Major Leagues. He is 19, barely above high school age. He has not played competitively since December 2013. His position is also not set in stone. It doesn't have to be at this point. He is still a year at least from the Majors. Not everything is about the Yankees. Boston saw an opportunity to add an elite young talent and they took it. Your post comes off as a spoiled Yankee fan used to getting all of the high-priced talent crying that his team blew the chance at signing this player. Because that is exactly what happened. The Yankees blew it. Moncada wanted to sign there and held workouts in Yankee Stadium. But Boston wanted him more and went the extra mile. That's it.


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