Friday, March 6, 2015


When I hear the word "Dominate" I get all hot and bothered.  No... it's not a sex thing Mac, chill.  I'm talking about DOMINATE... "taking command" in baseball.  The Yankees won game 1 today... and I know, it's the Spring, but it's just exciting to see this team playing well.  Game 2. Like I said... not so much.

We'll start with Game 1 of the Yankees Split Squad. On a day when we posted KIDS TO WATCH: GREG BIRD on BYB, something happened. Bird must have read us, because Bird had game today.  In fact, both he and Didi Gregorius had game. Both with RBI doubles today.  In fact, there was a 3 run 4th inning in the Yankees win today against the Phillies.

Bryan Mitchell pitched 2 scoreless innings as well.  In the end, the Yankees beat the Phillies 4-1.  Life is good in Spring training... but for the Yankees it ended there.

Game 2 was much different.  No run scoring really, just alot of Carlos Beltran doing not too much in the batter's box.  Now look, it's Spring training so I'm not about to get on this guy's case, but I do root for him to do big things this year. That being said, I will get impatient quickly.  Whatever the case, here's what happened...

Carlos Beltran stuck out once and walked 2 times. The best part was he didn't feel pain.  Don't forget, he has surgery on that elbow.  It's a process and hopefully he's on the rebound.

ARod played too, and he struck out tonight.  Remember ladies and gentlemen... don't get crazy, it's Spring Training... you train in the Spring.

In Chris Capuano's debut, he allowed a 2 run home run and struck out 4.  If you're Mike O'Hara or Steve Skinner of BYB... and this is a big game, you are cursing out Cap right now and going further asking for Brian Cashman's head.  They're not fans... but we need to stay calm right now and work through the kinks.   Capuano can be valuable as a lefty starter... we just need to get him straightened out.

In the end, the Yanks lost the second game of their Split Squad 3-1 against the Pirates.

Does it mean anything? Right now? No. Come the season, we want ultra domination...

Yeah... that's the idea... but actually not what I'm talking about.

Finals: Yankees 4 - Phillies 1  /  Yankees 3 - Pirates 1

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