Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Shocking- Alex Rodriguez shows up early to spring training.  Experts predicted he would show up on Tuesday and he arrived Monday.  I am not surprised.  He likes to make a grand entrance and there you have it.  Thinking about making grand entrances, I think we have some teams that are going to try and make some of their own with the changes they made to their clubhouse.  Teams like Toronto, San Diego and Chicago's two teams could be in contention, serious contention this year.  Many say that San Diego is not organized quite yet, but there's time to simmer and let the team gel.

There are yet other teams who will not be making much of a grand entrance, and one of those teams is the Red Sox.  According to a report filed by's Ian Browne, "Despite the glut of outfielders the Red Sox have, general manager Ben Cherington thinks it's possible that all of them could still be with the organization when the season starts. "Good chance," said Cherington. "I think, as I said before, look, one of the things that we knew needed to be better was the sort of total output from the outfield in 2015. In order to win more games, we needed to get more out of the outfield -- the whole team, but the outfield certainly was one area." That's their focus? Really?  And maybe the reason for this is because rumor has it that Shane Victorino is on the auction block.  Yeah, they also got that guy Yoan Moncada.  Okay, may they want grand entrance, but they still aren't going to get it from us in New York.

Jon Heyman is reporting that Cliff Lee may be a good option for the Red Sox this season.  "The Red Sox have a much more obvious need for a frontline starter now and are also known to like Lee, and with Boston and Philadelphia still believed to be at a standstill in their Cole Hamels talks, it is fair to wonder whether Lee could become a consideration for them."  I think the Yankees had their chance with Lee as he "eschewed higher offers from the Yankees and Rangers to return to Philly at a time it looked like the Phillies would continue their impressive dynasty." That clearly didn't happen.  With Lee's injuries, he "does not have value (now) because of age and injuries and most of all what he is owed,” one AL executive said. So far, the Sox are impressed with Lee's performance this spring. Yet as an interesting twist, the Phillies would be interested in bringing back Victorino.  The Flyn' Hawaiian could be back in Center City! Crazy! There are also talks that the St. Louis Cardinals could have an interest picking up Lee since they were not overly aggressive in adding pitching this off season.

A K-Rod deal could be at any moment.  According to Heyman, the Brewers and Marlins are chatting up with veteran closer Francisco Rodriguez.  "Milwaukee hasn't named its closer, and K-Rod had a nice year for the Brewers in 2014, saving 44 games, posting his career best 0.985 WHIP and making his fifth All-Star team.Steve Cishek is Miami's closer, but the Marlins are looking to beef up the pen in an effort to contend this year." Remember the fish added our beloved David Phelps this winter and I feel that this is going to come back and bite us in the ass.  Also available is Raphael "Untuck" Soriano.

So we lost to the Red Sox this time by not closing the deal with rookie sensation Moncada.  Not sure why we didn't pull the trigger.  But, that seems to be the story of our lives these recent years since getting burned by this year's spring training early arriver ARod.  We did not want the Red Sox have him, so we paid big.  Moncada? Good move?  Not sure- can't overthink it.   Let's just get to work boys.  Move on and get it going!

--Suzie Pinstripe, BYB Senior Staff Writer

BYB Hot Stove Columnist
Twitter: @suzieprof

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