Thursday, February 5, 2015


BYB loves Dellin Betances. We've made it no secret that we trust in his talents. I myself have even called him "The Next Hometown Hero." The city boy making it in big way; as pitcher for the New York Yankees. Really, it's every kids dream. Especially if you grew up in New York City. And now he's proved that he has the ability to be a leader.

Betances was honored at the 35th Annual Thurman Munson Awards dinner benefitting AHRC New York City. Among many of the questions he was asked was about Alex Rodriguez' return. "We welcome him with open arms," he told Newsday. "We just want everyone to contribute the way they can contribute to help us get back to the playoffs. That's the key for us this year."

Simple. No beating around the bush. No minced words. Straightforward, and to the point. They want to make it to playoffs, and they are looking for players that can contribute to the best of their ability. Betances didn't give them anything to run off with.

Look, the ARod questions just keep getting thrown out there. Right now, it's a hot media topic. And Betances proved that he could handle the heat. The media in New York is harsh and cruel, and if you misstep, or say the wrong thing, they will eat you up! Betances handled it effortlessly and put in focus what the real issue was. It's what leaders do. It's not about the individual. It's about the team, and what they hope to accomplish. It's about welcoming anyone that can contribute to that goal. Getting back in the playoffs is key.

I really like Betances. He keeps proving to me that he is exactly what this team needs. With the era of the Core Four finally closed, we will need a guy that can step up and get the job done. I'm not looking to replace Derek Jeter or anything, but you need that guy in the clubhouse that keeps you focused on the task at hand. Betances can be that guy. His attitude towards the game, and his focus to do better today than he did yesterday can push the team forward. I'm telling you guys, he's our next Hometown Hero.

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804

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