Sunday, January 25, 2015


Recently Casey wrote IT'S TIME FOR ALEX RODRIGUEZ TO BE SORRY. In it he stated simply:

"Big men want to prove they can still do their job... this is true, but bigger men come out and tell the world they're sorry when they lie."

Alex has spent a great deal of time this off season to get into playing shape. He is looking noticeably thinner, and has been seen in the batting cages. He's even enlisted the help of Barry Bonds to help with his hitting. All of which is fantastic. You have to respect the fact that the guy is coming back ready to put in an effort to help the line-up be productive. However, one thing is still left unsaid. "I'm sorry." One small phrase that carries so much weight. Casey said it perfectly! He lied. Apologize. That simple, right? Wrong!

According to a report in the Daily News the Yankees turned down a meeting with ARod. The meeting was meant to be a mea culpa. An effort to apologize before the start of the season. The organization responded with a simple "We'll see you in Spring Training."

ARod did meet with new baseball commissioner Rob Manfred, however. According to ESPN ARod sought closure after the intense Biogenesis ordeal, and the two had "Positive Dialogue." Manfred, who was voted baseball's new commissioner in August, was the protege of Bud Selig. He was Selig's right hand during the entire investigation that resulted in ARod's season long suspension. The investigation itself was questionable, and both sides were hostile during the arbitration hearings. The meeting didn't last long but it did include an apology, and a promise to behave in the future. It's all a part of his rehabilitation and come back process. Work to get the job done, and make amends along the way. Good on him! Maybe he heard Casey when he suggested apologizes be made.

The Yankees refusal to meet with ARod is disheartening. ARod spent his year long suspension out of the lime light, with the exception of a few far fetched media outlets looking to further destroy his character. I mean writing about his shaved legs (HERE) is hardly news. In the addition to his workout regime, the only real thing left for him to do was apologize. The organization deciding against the meeting only leads to more media frenzy behind ARod's return. And that is the last thing anyone wants. Instead of the focus being on whether or not he can produce hits and runs, it will be about his interaction with the organization. Something that could have been laid to rest if only they had agreed to the meeting.

I'm not going to pretend that an apology would have been an instant fix. Those who hate ARod will still hate him, even if he comes back and carries the team to the World Series. But an apology is the beginning. It's him acknowledging his wrong doings, taking responsibility for them, and saying he is making a conscience effort to do better. It's the right thing to do, and for the organization to prolong the inevitable makes them seem bitter. The media is going to love coming up with the most outrageous stories to tell come Spring Training.

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
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