Saturday, May 10, 2014


A friend of mine is a Mets fan. I always throw jabs at her about the team, and she's a good sport about it. Knowing that I write for BYB, she woke me to what is possibly one of the funniest text I could have ever gotten.

"I have a great idea for your next article..."

"Oh dear god! I'm totally buying the paper today."

I found this article by the Daily News to be hilarious! You could read the piece yourself, but basically a barber who apparently gives the teams haircuts, has witnessed Alex Rodriguez, shaving his legs, and even helped him out once. Now, let me be clear, I don't find it funny that ARod shaves his legs. That's his business. But I do find it hilarious that the Daily News would even deem this fodder fit to be in their paper.

Let's be honest, gentlemen... if you say you have never manscaped, you are a liar! Every man has, at one point or another, done some manscaping. It's a choice for personal hygiene reasons. Arm pits, chest, back, legs... whatever! You do it, or did it because it made you feel cleaner. And that's fine.

The fact that the Daily News saw it fit to write a "news" article about it made me laugh so hard I cried. Really beating that "Let's ruin ARod's rep" drum, huh? Now before people get all up in arms and ask why, if I found it so funny that the Daily News would report it, am I regurgitating it back for you? Well, I write for a blog, so I get to post my opinion. The Daily News is a NEWSPAPER. They should be focused on, you know, the NEWS. I'm sure there is plenty of more important topics for them to discuss than ARod's hygiene routine.

Really, the whole thing is just silly. ARod does bad all by himself. The state of his shaved legs? Yea, not as important as, let's say, his return to baseball in 2015? What's next? A news article about the consistency of his poop? It's a poor attempt at ruining his character, and getting publicity for the barber that shared the story with them.

--Erica Morales BYB Senior Writer 
Twitter: @e_morales1804


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