Friday, January 16, 2015


Alex Rodriguez is working his ass off this off season.  Alex Rodriguez wants to play third base for the New York Yankees in 2015.  It doesn't matter that Chase Headley was signed for 4 years to be the Yankees third baseman.  Alex is coming to retain what was once his, whether the Yankees like it or not, whether the ARod haters like it or not.

It was his spot when he got suspended... and in his mind and with his contract... he knows what he wants.  For me personally... to see that determination and drive and want to take his spot back? Well... it takes balls... and I respect that. But something else needs to also happen.  Let me explain that further...

Now look, we all know Chase Headley is the Yankees third baseman.  That's pretty much been established when we signed the guy and Brian Cashman then came out saying, “we signed our third baseman."

That was a warning shot to ARod as he laid on some beach playing around with Torrie Wilson's body parts... or looking at his phone.  So... at this point it's gotta be case closed... right? Well, not exactly.

Look, Chase Headley isn't playing 162 games at third base and Alex Rodriguez isn't going to DH a full season and not man 3rd once in a while. It's exactly what I said all off-season; ARod will get time at third when Headley needs a rest and that's going to be the extent of Alex Rodriguez playing third.  He's not going to make a big thing about it when it happens either. All Alex is doing right now is putting his ego ahead of the rest of it. He's firing his own warning shot. Partially because he's making a statement...partially because he wants to prove to the world he can still play.  It's like Eddie Cane in the Five Heartbeats... "I still got it!"

I can't believe there isn't a better quality clip of the Five Heartbeats on YouTube... but that's another post for another time.

Anyway... ARod got balls? Nothing wrong with that. The big question is, can he still play?  Well, Hal Steinbrenner believes he can, but he, much like many of us, are not sure he can play 3rd base consistently. That's the key here. So, I repeat the question: Can ARod still play?  In short, the answer is YES. In long... he'll get time at 3rd, but only if Headley needs a break.  Guess what?  Headley WILL need a break.

Steinbrenner said this of Alex:

"I know that he works hard and I know that he's going to show up in shape... I'd be surprised if he didn't. But the questions are just physical questions that none of us can answer because of his age and because of the surgeries."

This is all true. But there's more to it, isn't there...

For everyone that hates Alex Rodriguez, this isn't about playing time for you.  This is about you hating him for even suggesting that the spot is his. Am I right?

Sure, the idea is ridiculous, especially after his suspension and Headley being there now. But you gotta appreciate his drive and balls.  ARod will not go quietly, that's a quality many possess.  Here's the difference for the haters though... and I get this 100%...  You just want the guy to go away.

I was asked 2 days ago, "Why does ARod find the media and make headlines? He knows it's gonna piss everyone off!" I corrected him. "It's the media that finds ARod, because ARod sells papers." This is true.

It doesn't matter if Alex Rodriguez was hidden in his compound, the media would find him.  ARod could be at a Mini-Mart and the media would blast him for looking at all the eggs to make sure they're not cracked. Now, that's not a story, we all do that.   But if Alex Rodriguez does it, it's "not sanitary" or something.  ARod sells papers and a "bad" ARod sells more.

So now we're at this weird point of the off-season where Alex made a statement. He wants to play 3rd full time again for the New York Yankees.  The Yankees will block that. Partially because of Headley now there, and partially because the Yankees are at the point where they need Alex's bat more than his fielding.

So, what's the solution in the ARod saga? Deal with it, Alex.  Oh and the more important part? Apologize.  Apologize for lying, not for PEDs use. We all know you did it alot at this point and we all know you served your time.

Big men want to prove they can still do their job... this is true, but bigger men come out and tell the world they're sorry when they lie.  

Sure, the haters will always hate you and that won't change, but for your own soul... For your acceptance to be part of one of the most storied organizations in history again, I suggest you apologize.

Do it... let's get it behind us for once and for all. We all want to get back to playing ball.  It's time.

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