Saturday, January 17, 2015


I mean, how many headlines are you gonna read both yesterday and today that state that a team and a player avoid arbitration.  At least now, MAYBE you're curious and you'll join us for this post.  Who knows.  Hey, I promise to make it interesting and fun. Here it goes...

So what did Pineda and the Yankees avoid?  They avoided "stuff", but what? Were they driving in a bus and avoided a family of deer near in the road?  Hmmm... maybe...

Was it an emotion meeting where maybe they avoided being mad at each other because of the pine tar and just decided to hash it out for good? No more beef?  Let's get passed the "stuff", said Hank.

I know... you're totally curious... keep reading.

How about the Yankees and Michael Pineda avoided arbitration, setting on a $2.1 million deal? Could that be it? 


You nailed it ladies and gentlemen! I think you guys are great! Bob, what do they get for the correct answer?!?!

Anyway, thanks for humoring me. That story comes from Mike Perchick. Check it out:
I hope Pineda can be that dominant pitcher we traded for a few years ago and the immaturity and injury are behind us.

We could really use him in 2015. 

What can I say... I'm feeling silly this morning...

Even Masahiro Tanaka thinks I'm funny.

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