Saturday, December 6, 2014


Maybe at least. 

Look, as you know, we haven't heard much about a hitting coach for the Yankees.  What we have heard is that no one is too interested. 

Eric Hinske didn't want the gig, and just when you thought Raul Ibanez may be a guy that would be perfect for the role, he has a personal matter and pulled out of consideration for even the managers job of the Tampa Bay Rays.  My thinking was if he didn't get the Rays gig, he'd call the Yanks.  Now, with that personal matter in play, forget it.

Marcus Thames was mentioned as well at one point, but the Yankees are promoting him to assistant hitting coach. So the question is... who's the hitting coach?

There's a nugget... and I wanted to share it.

(In photo: James Rowson)
The Yankees like 2 guys, both are coaches in the Yankees minor league system. One is James Rowson and you've heard his name in the mix with Marcus Thames and Dante Bichette when Kevin Long first left.  Then it got quiet. 

(In photo: Jody Reed)
The other coach being considered is Jody Reed.

As far as the first base coach, the Yankees interviewed Willie Randolph for the job.

How do you like 'dem apples?

If anything happens with Reed, Rowson and Randolph (sounds like a law firm), we will bring you the news on BYB. 

Nice nugget, huh?

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