Monday, December 1, 2014


"Jimmy Rollins is a bad teammate" and "Rollins is a poison in the clubhouse" is what I heard when we wrote A SOLUTION AT SHORT: JIMMY ROLLINS.Sweeny Murti was suggesting Jimmy based on what's left on Rollins contract, and the needs of the Yankees. It made sense to suggest that it could be a perfect fit.  Well, Yankee fans don't want it, and hey, that's good enough for me. I'm with you all!

Now it's pretty much being confirmed that the Yankees are not interesting Rollins. That comes off a tweet from Jayson Stark:
The asking price it too high. That makes alot of sense.  Plus, it plays into the whole Troy Tulowitzki thing as well.

The Yankees like Tulo, but don't LOVE Tulo, not for the price the Rox are asking for. 

It comes down to Yankee youth, or at least that's what I'm hoping. You need to hope that the Yanks are opening their eyes and smartening up a bit, not willing to give up our prospects we have for broken down players or players with attitudes and huge contracts.  You need to hope they are being smart.

And so, we stay pat.

We have Martin Prado, Jose Pirela, Rob Refsnyder.  That could be a damn exciting infield by the way... full of young energy. The type of energy to wake up a stale hitting squad.   I'll put my eggs in that basket. How about you?

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