Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Jon Lester is a top lefty starter that everyone wants.  Yankee fans are mixed about it. Some want him, some don't. I've stated numerous times that I would love to have an extra lefty starter in the rotation. CC and Jon Lester helps things along very nicely for instance.  Add in Masahiro Tanaka, Michael Pineda, maybe a Ivan Nova or Brandon McCarthy or Shane Greene, and hell, I like this a lot.

Here's what we know about Lester. 

The Red Sox, the Cubs and the Giants are all very interested. Comcast Sportsnet has that.  I personally believe the Red Sox will bring him back. They are competitors and Jon loves Boston.  Truth be told, I think he belongs there.

But now, the Godfather of Baseball, or whatever he is, Peter Gammons says this:
Everyone is now in a tizzy. Gammons can never be outdone, can he?  It's the ol' Mystery Team bit. Do I believe him? It's the Free Agent season. Many teams will attempt to get Lester.  Some will make a last minute attempt to snatch Lester up, it's the game. But if I'm a Yankee fan, I'm just going about my business. I'm not getting ahead of myself.

Sure, Cashman's been a genius at stepping in at the 11th hour with an offer a player couldn't refuse, but in the end, the Yanks haven't been connected to Lester really at all. I'm not sure the Yanks are that Mystery team. I'm just giving you my opinion.

Look, Lester is expected to decide by the end of the week about which team he will sign with.  Let him.  If he chooses a team, we'll bring you the update.  If the Yanks sneak in and get him, trust me... it would be amazing, but I'm not getting crazy.

Oh yeah and kudos to Obnoxious Boston Fan. You don't know me, but I admire your work a lot. They put together some photos of Lester as a New York Yankee.

(OBF Illustration)

The photo shop is brilliant, and I wanted to give you props. Nice work Bill Speros.

Lester does look good in pinstripes...

Anyway... carry on.

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